FRR Share Certificates



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Aha I found their first email which was in my junk folder.
From: Oil And Gas
Sent: 21 June 2019 13:52
Subject: Frontera Resources Share Certificates


Suggest you contact the ex NOMAD Jo Turner



I am with selftrade and have also not received my share certificates.
I have spoken to computer share and the occasions I wasn’t fobbed off to another department in another country I was told they no longer act for Frontera Resources so cannot put a stop on the missing certificates or issues new certificates. I have spoken to Tim at Yellow Jersey. He is aware of situation and suggests we keep emailing Frontera. I have emailed Frontera and have had no response. I have raised this with selftrade, awaiting a reply. Interestingly only shares held in crest were affected that’s why some still have their shares in their dealing accounts and are unaffected. I am wondering who is now responsible for reissuing the certificates. And has anyone who was meant to receive their certificates got them from computer share?


Just had an email from

On further investigation, it would appear your share certificate was missed from the print run. We have therefore re-issued a new certificate at no cost to yourself, which we will courier to your registered address.

Please accept our apologies for this technical error

Strange how I should get this a day after they’d wiped their hands of it

Ok edit time

I’ve just been on to computershare and spoke to someone who confirmed that the share certificate was issued and dated today 25th June. The person Johnny, said it could take up to 10 working days to get here. At least I know the email wasn’t fraudulent as I suspected it could have been.


Well done Jaytee. I was going to write to Levan as Company Secretary about this but you seem to have saved me the trouble. Seems that the left hand of Computershare doesn’t know what the right hand is doing… or have FRR just re-appointed them I wonder…


Well I’ll wait for the certificate to arrive before I accept any praise. I do wonder if the ombudsman put pressure on computershare but they havnt been in touch either. I’ll let everyone know if and when they arrive


Read my posts Ophir.


That’s great jaytee, will let you know if I get a similar email. Computershare have been hopeless. Oops didn’t mean to mention him.


Hi JT…pending arrival of your share cert (fingers crossed) you seem to have found the way in, well done. So just to confirm the corresponding email that seems to crack it (we’ll see!!) is Is that correct? Did they require proof of share holding etc and was there a cost??



I would call then (the number is on this thread) as you need to provide your name and address. Once called they log everything so if you call again the notes from the previous calls are there. When you call that number you are asked by a robot to name the company that you are calling about. It doesn’t recognise frontera so keep saying that and after 3 attempts you get put through to a human


jjust checked my frr shares and they are still showing up in my ISA acc with zero vaue first i have checked in ages.


cheers JT…bloody hard work isn’t it!!! :grimacing:


Yes and you have to go through the whole process each time you ring. Hopefully you might need to just make the one call. What did they say ?


Well done you. I have had a letter from the Ombudsman saying they will contact
Computershare and that Computershare will get in touch with me soon, but no response yet, so I’ll keep my fingers crossed a bit longer.
Unfortunately I did all my dealings by phone so although they know I have complained
I have nothing to print out as proof, other than their mailed replies.


I would give it 24hrs My email came out of the blue yesterday and I don’t know whether the ombudsman instigated it at all


Thanks jaytee41, Good advice. I think they’re hoping I’ll disappear, not unlikely as I ended up in hospital yesterday, after cracking my head open falling on a rock in the garden !