FRR Share Certificates



Ouch, hope you’re ok. Make sure you’ve given computershare your email address and phone number. Also check your email junk folders


Thanks jaytee41 and all others for your efforts and information. Just contacted Computershare who again refused to help so I am going down the complaint route, then on to the Ombudsman.


Contacted computershare this morning spoke to Johnny. After quite a musical hold he came back to me and stated that all share certificates were dispatched in May and that computershare are not now associated with FRR. He said any further querys should be directed to FRR on

Question guys: Has anyone between May and July 1st actualy received a share cert? I know you jaytee41 were promised one within 10 days. I guess it still has time to arrive but to be honest I’m not holding out much hope.

For now within the protracted news blackout we are going through it is still a waiting game, but when and IF we do relist we then need to get our collective act together with a formal response to the company if not Zaza himself!

eyeson…not giving up!


Eyes, I would also put in an official complaint and contact the Ombudsman - contact details are in this thread


Hi Eyeson, This is my latest missive (received Saturday) from Computershare

I am receipt of an e-mail forwarded by the Financial Ombudsman office ,received 24/06/19 The e-mail is in regard to non receipt of a share certificate for Frontera resources Corp.

Having investigated I can see that you were informed that a share certificate had been issued to your registered address on 6 June 2019.Unfortunately, the stated certificate issue did not take place and no certificate was issued at that time,neither has it been issued subsequently.Please accept my sincere apologies for the incorrect information provided.
Should you have any queries regarding receiving certification,you will need to contact the company directly at the following address

I am sorry etc

I think I’m giving up ! No-one will take responsibility.


kookier/JT…Much the same message I had from computershare i.e. contact FRR for further info. My view is that computershare have washed their hands of FRR totally and are only playing lip service to the ombudsman so I believe that route is for now a non starter. My view is to wait until relist day (hopefully we will) and at that time take a collective response into FRR via FSHG forum.

The current news blackout / moratorium within FRR is not helping of course but if everything comes good with the company I believe the bubble will burst and newsflow will gush! My view only!

eyeson…not giving up hope having seen Hope depart! :grimacing:


Eyeson, Thanks for those words of comfort - I’ll hang on in there (with a firm grip on your coat tails if you’ll allow me ! )


I wonder what the ombudsman’s office will make of that lame response?


i think you should contact the ombusdman again and show them the response from computershare, and maybe the ombusdman will fine computershare for there lack of duty re the share certificatesits worth a try anyway cheers.


RE: my holding on jarvis today states ‘takeover’…Today 10:06
Clicking on the reference number at the end of the transaction history line opens a window with the following message!

We are currently updating the event details and they will be available online shortly.

More watching and waiting then…

RE: my holding on jarvis today states ‘takeover’…Today 10:03
Mine too!!! When they delisted, my ISA shares were moved across to my nominee account ( rather than LSE but still owned/run by Jarvis), and I’ve gone into it now and they’re not showing in my portfolio, but when I click on Transaction History, the ‘type’ is showing TAKEOVER. God I hope this means something positive!!!

Any comment, what going on??


False alert

RE: my holding on jarvis today states ‘takeover’…Today 11:26
Have just spoken with Corporate Action Team at and apparently it’s purely because Crest have now ‘taken their stock of shares away from Jarvis’ because it’s delisted and classed as defunct! (harsh but true!) I suggested that perhaps the word TAKEOVER should be reconsidered and he offered the excuse that there’s a problem with the Event Details info that the IT team are looking into at present. I was on hold for quite a long time while he found out this info and said they’ve no share certificate(s) as yet, and no knowledge of whether they’ll be expecting to receive any either at the moment but will keep me informed if he finds anything else. Confirmed the shares would still be held on register by Crest though.



I’m with iii, I phoned them in March/April, told them about the suspension and the subsequent de-listing. I asked for hard copy of the share certificate, told it would cost £42. Paid my monies and got my certificate thru the post some 7 days laters.

Can you not follow the route I took?



HC - You did your deal in March/April but most of us on here tried just a few weeks ago when the company was taken off our ISA. Please read the thread to understand


Just received the share certificate via special delivery. I dont recognise the CEO signature though but it is hard to read. Guess I’m suspicious of everything connected with FRR now


Well done ! As you could see from the reply they sent me they have no intention of sending me a certificate, despite pressure from the Ombudsman. I’ll just have to keep my fingers crossed that someone. somewhere acknowledges my ownership if we ever begin trading again.


It will come right if we relist.
Keep a digital copy of your share holding from your nominee account with your broker as proof positive!



Will do - thanks for your advice


Sorry you didn’t have the same success as myself. It’s a pity we can’t exchange email addresses etc on here as I would have passed the mail I got from them onto you.


Yes it’s a shame, but the Ombudsman said if I didn’t get a satisfactory outcome .to contact him again, so I may try that. Anyway thanks for the encouragement - it helps to keep my spirits up !


My encouragement is coming from a nice apartment in central Nice, France x