FRR Share Certificates





Just noticed my FRR holding has vanished from my share dealing account on iWeb (Halifax). I contacted them and was told there will be a corporate action notification issued in the next couple of days, probably next week. I was also told they were waiting for a share certificate from FRR and upon receipt the shares would reappear in my account. The share certificate will cover all the holdings in their care not just mine. I suppose we wait and see what happens (as usual).


same for the main halifax share dealing website but not for my Hargreaves Lansdown


Same for Equiniti!



Just got another certificate this morning. Again it was registered business post from Jersey. These are getting like buses


Face up idiots, your shares are now worth less than toilet paper.

This company will now remain in private hands, you will never get your money back losers.


Just got this Corp Action from iWeb:

FRONTERA RESOURCES - Important Information

Removal of shares.
Important Information & Other Key Dates:
Further to the Cancellation of listing on 25th January 2019, we have received notification that the Frontera Resources shares are no longer eligible to be held within the UK Settlement System.

We have therefore removed the Frontera Resources shares from your account.

Should you wish to find more information, please visit the Frontera Resources website,




Cheers for that inciteful information dodge


Just received this from Equiniti:

"Good Afternoon,

Thank you for your message.

I have been advised that the Frontera Resources Share Certificates have been dispatched. If you have not received these please contact the Registrar Department below:

Shareholder contact centre:

Telephone: 0371 384 2030

International: +44 121 415 7047

Yours sincerely,

Simone De Mascia

Customer Service Administrator

Equiniti Shareview Dealing"


You can quote my name if you want eyes. Contact me via Twitter DM


I’m with Selftrade/Equinity so thought I would give Equinity a call and their registrars told me they do not handle Frontera.


I’m with equiniti and had to push Computershare - which are the registrars - for my certificate.


Hi Jaytee1, Lucky you - I’m back with the Ombudsman as no-one else will help me get mine !


Keep pressing them. That’s what I did


I have mine in a SIPP account with ii - so far they are still showing on the account.


Worth a try (again!!!) JT. I’ll DM you tomorrow! :pray:


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