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I see that N4 Pharma have been trying to reformulate Sildenafil (aka Viagra) which appears to have failed …………

“N4 Pharma Plc (AIM: N4P), the specialist pharmaceutical company which reformulates existing drugs and vaccines to improve their performance, announces the initial findings from analysing the preliminary results of the pharmacokinetic (“PK”) data from its clinical trial for the reformulation of sildenafil.
Whilst the Company is yet to receive the full results from the clinical trial, it is clear from the preliminary PK data that the current formulation has not met the key target endpoints of the trial. To that end, the product formulation will need to be reviewed to assess what changes would be required to make the reformulated drug viable in the context of the Company’s patent position.”

Their SP has been hit with a 50% drop,


So, their PK study was a failure and share price drops over 50%. They will need to go back and reformulate the drug, assess impact on patents etc etc.

Our PK Study result on the other hand absolutely nailed it! The relief or happiness or whatever it was, was clearly evident on Mr Barder’s face in his interview on proactive investor after the PK Study results were announced. Something some of you will have noticed, certainly the one’s who watch the videos as an activity of leisure, pause them looking for subtle clues, rewind them to watch them again, will have noticed this… cough cough Tonydeadeye… cough cough

So with our dose related response, showing increased levels of GTN in the blood, it bodes well for phase 3…


Let’s get that deal signed soon


Pollsters on average think it will be getting close to Christmas before regulators provide a ruling on a 2 yr shelf life for CSD500.

Lets hope we are all wrong and we get the green light long before then, - it will be one less reason why distributors might be stalling on their product launches.

I’m trying to forget the 4 month lead time…


After Apricus, another pharmacom that is failing whilst searching for the perfect ED solution. However, they both were rather convincing in their presentation/expectations for their ED drug. Makes me wonder…

It is sometimes difficult to keep the faith, but with competitors failing this big…the POTENTIAL reward on med2002 is even bigger. Can someone mail/call Ian Read and tell him that options for replacing Viagra just got a little more difficult…and potentially a little more expensive


I voted 2 months, trump, but still of the opinion that FUM is all about MED now and CSD is a but a “side dish”.

Aberdeen, I think we all took the MED PK Study for granted, but nothing is certain as demonstrated with N4 Pharma’s news. A real kick in the teeth for them. Must admit, never heard of them, and without delving back into their clinical updates, I wonder what they were exactly trying to do with Viagra. Improve the onset time? And it begs the question why didn’t Pfizer do some work on Viagra if it could be improved? Strange one.

But again another example of what a gamble this sector is. Looking at what’s been happening elsewhere (N4, Faron, IMM) we all thoroughly deserve a 7-1 bagger 'cos it just like gambling on a 7-1 horse (using those odds because it looks like 1 in 7 bio-tecs pull through). GLA.


Sometimes makes me wonder also, Pharmatom. When I saw IMM’s update a couple of months ago, I was gobsmacked to see that their chairman was Tim McCarthy. He was head at AZM about 10 years ago when he kept bigging them up but then an out of the blue (but I suppose a retreating SP gave the warning signals) RNS declaring administration lost me a grand. Big wow, not a lot (but it is when it can buy me 300 pints of beer) but it really annoyed me how it all happened.


I voted 2 months as well, I like to think we can get a deal done before we start the phase 3 trials, if not I’m guessing fum will go alone for the first part of the phase 3 trials to get a better deal for the company.

I have faith this will come good one day.

At the end of the day it is a big gamble this sector with the examples you’ve given but the risk reward with fum I feel is a lot better than most.

Good luck all.

And it’s coming home.


There have been one or two mentions of risk tonight, but Aberdeen has pointed out recently that there is very little risk when the active ingredient is safe, well tested, and widely used GTN. IMO that is why there are so many pharma interested in a MED2002 deal.

Now we will use a concentration of GTN no higher than 0.6% in phase III, more de-risking has taken place.
There is no credible patented competition, and we have heard of several drugs failing Phase II / III this year. The competing technologies are reducing one-by one.


Yes, one by one the competition is getting blown away… Surely helps our cause.

N4P were trying to reformulate Viagra to improve the speed of onset as far as I can tell…

I nearly invested in IMM but held off because I didn’t like the way the chairman was coming across. He was sounding way tooooooo confident for my liking whereas Mr Barder is always reserved…when he does sound confident, he always adds some caution at the end of the sentence.
So I think when he says “punchy numbers” it actually means “absolutely humongous”


The ‘goinpharma’ website seems full of bite size stories that are easily accessed, and may contain relevant sources of info for any searches (particularly on big pharma) that you might be performing. The site is new to me, but maybe not to you.

Below are two examples:

  1. Awesome revenue figures for Viagra - (not available OTC woldwide), but the UK alone has recently allowed Viagra OTC.

Teva launches Viagra generic in US
17 DECEMBER 2017 - 10:20
Viagra was approved by FDA in 1998 and has fetched Pfizer billions of dollars worldwide since then. Considering the 2003-2014 period, Viagra’s total revenue is $21.975bn, that is $1.83bn per year on average. Viagra is sold at $65 in the US–the richest and leading market in the world–however a shift is approaching, as generics producers have now developed their own copies of Pfizer’s blockbuster. For instance, Teva last Monday presented its generic to Viagra two years before its patent expires, thanks to a Pfizer-Teva agreement signed in December 2013. The agreement will allow Teva to launch its generic earlier, in return for royalties on sales. Pfizer has entered into a similar agreement with another generics giant–Mylan. (Source: Deutscher Apotheker Zeitung)

  1. Pfizers’ response after GSK and RB. failed to purchase the Consumer Healthcare division a few months back:

Pfizer to reorganize company into 3 units - 11 JULY 2018 - 15:47

Ahead of today’s opening bell, Pfizer announced big plans to reorganize the group. Starting 2019, the company will be split into 3 units: Innovative Medicines, including biosimilar and injectable drugs, and other products aimed at preventing infections in hospitals; Established Medicines, both for branded and off-label drugs; and Consumer Health. Such a reorganization follows Ian Reed’s group’s unsuccessful attempt to sell the Consumer Health unit, which has been estimated at $15bn. Starting as soon as next year, the 2 new Consumer Health and Innovative Medicines units should generate over 75% of the whole group’s revenue. According to a spokesperson, the reorganization is due to the company’s need to refocus assets.

Not only but also:

President Trump had a meeting with Pfizers’ Ian Read recently, and it has now been decided that the 8% hike in some drug prices Pfizer announced at the beginning of July 2018 will not now take place. Any price increase decisions will be finalised at year end. Pfizers share price bombed on the news.


Sales are going well in the middle east!


Good news re open offer, that will just cover JB’s salary for another 12 months!
This company was a £50 million floatation in 2003 and now look at it. JB you are a disgrace.


Today’s RNS on holdings. Who is T Adams. Not Tony Deadeye surely?


Maybe Tony Adams, of the Arsenal invincibles? He did used to drink a bit plus I am sure he took a few blows to the knackers standing alongside Marin Keown in the wall. Perhaps he is investing the last of his cash in Futura to address these issues?


Anyway I hope everyone enjoys their Xmas this year even with the situation the share price is in at the moment.

Let’s hope this time next year Santa brings an early Xmas present with good news on phase 3 trials. I think it would be a xmas miracle with how fum are with deadlines.

Merry Christmas! :christmas_tree: