Giorgi Bakhtadze



Not that sure this is really newsworthy but thought I’d post it!

February 13, 2019
Giorgi Bakhtadze has been appointed Director General of Georgian Oil and Gas Corporation.


He’s the sort of guy who is going to tell them Yanks exactly where to go. Vlad will look after him not the CIA.

Vlad would love to get one over on the Yanks in Georgia now that he has kicked their ass out of Syria.


Looks like all not well in the LSE camp.

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This is the market guys…good and bad are irrelevant.

There are only winners…and losers


Buddies with ‘Vlad’ are we Boo?

Was this you GCSE history or economics homework?


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Over on LSE…some are blaming another poster for posting information…as if it made the slightest difference to their predicament.

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Finally sussed you out PJ. You’re one of those 3 dodgy insider dealing guys that tried to get our Sheridan Smith to pay them back 50k on ITVs Cleaned out. They got cleaned out and sent down by the FSA.


He has been involved for years, its a simple step up.
He has been advising since 2014.
Unfortunately, yes he does have strong Russian links but that may not be a bad thing.

George Bakhtadze was born on October, 20, 1975 in Tbilisi.

1996-2001 - Moscow State Institute of International Relations/Faculty of International Economic Relations/ BA in Marketing, Finance and Credit;
1992-1997 – State Agricultural University of Georgia/ Qualification - Engineering Technician;
•2018- JSC “Georgian Oil and Gas Corporation”- Commercial Director;
•2016-2018- JSC “Georgian Oil and Gas Corporation”- Financial Director;
•2014-2016 - JSC “Georgian Oil and Gas Corporation” –Advisor to General Director;
•2010-2012 - Ltd НТ ПАРТНЕР (Russia) - Business Development Director;
•2009-2010 – Mercedes-Benz Bel (Russia) - Marketing and Advertising Director;
•2007-2009 - Mercedes-Benz Bel (Russia) - Senior Marketing and Advertising Manager;
•2004-2005 - – JSC “Georgian International Gas Corporation” – Head of the Department of Relations with CIS Countries;
•2004-2004 – JSC “Georgian International Gas Corporation” - Coordinator of International Donor, Financial Institutions Relations Group.
•2004-2004 - JSC “Georgian International Gas Corporation” – Senior Assistant at International Relations and Strategic Planning Office.
•2003-2004 – Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia - Senior Specialist at foreign Policy Research and Analysis Centre.


1996 - Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia - ს Department of International Eeconomic relations