Good Luck, HTL



Hi aquarian,

Thank you so much for your thoughts and kind words. I must admit, it is not something I am looking forward too, however as you have said before, you just have to face facts and plough on.

I hope you are all right and you are coping well with your current situation.

Take care.

All the best.



Ditto, Ditto, Ditto on all good counts. I have already complimentarily commented on the very good vibes and camaraderie which this HUR blog fosters. Especially commendable is the absence of personal attacks - even when we disagree - which I see on other BBs (and sometimes other share-blogs on this Board!). Long may this professionalism and maturity continue here.
Kind regards, All. - LLV



Wishing you a successful treatment today and good rest before your next round. Don’t like to intrude on your privacy but just to send positive thoughts your way.


Hi Albi1,

Many thanks for your good wishes. I have just returned from the first phase of my second round.

This cold weather is not helping my breathing too much. It looks like I will be spending most of my time indoors, at the moment.

Best regards.




I’m sorry your breathing is impacted by the cold weather, it’s a good reason to stay in, with feet up, and hopefully watch our AM passing the webcams on her voyage up to Scottish waters ! When Mr Millais and I celebrate our anniversary this weekend, we shall think of you and drink to your good health returning soon. Cheers also to LTH here…


Hi millais,

I hope you have a happy and truly memorable celebration this weekend. I will toast both you and Mr Millais, however as I am strictly off alcohol at this time, it looks like it will have to be milk, or maybe the hard stuff, coca cola, lol. :grimacing:

All the best.



Alcohol abstinence? No problem, HTL. (You & Mrs HTL) toast the loving couple at their 29th Anniversary with Kopparberg Alcohol-free Pear (drax). Mrs V and I will be toasting (in absentia) Mr & Mrs M with exactly that come Sunday, d.v. - it is already being chilled for the occasion. We just love it!! Kr,A. - LLV


Hello HtL

Well in that case you have been given the perfect excuse to enjoy all the cosyness of a mid winter retreat, warm milk with sugar actually quite pleasant with a good book or film. I made an interesting discovery a few years ago that a mix of a tsp of grated ginger, honey and a slice of lemon in hot water - on its own is delicious - but when it goes cold actually vaguely tastes like a dry Martini. How good is your imagination? Frankly it’s freezing down here at the mo and I’m very grateful I don’t have to venture out until tomorrow. Hopefully we’ll start to have some movement on the AM end of this week or mid next if not the SP for the moment. Good wishes :evergreen_tree::tropical_drink:


Thanks to a poster on LSE, the Aoka Mizu departs Rotterdam on Sunday, 4pm.
Take it easy, HTL, and get through the next few days as comfortable as you can. Thinking of you.


Hi lawven2/Albi1/aquarian,

Thank you so much for your comforting messages, and alcohol free alternatives. They are all very much appreciated.

As it is the weekend, I will try to lighten the subject by means of what I consider to be a comical story, however I do tend to have a penchant for black humour.

I was told by the oncologist just before my first treatment, to check my temperature regularly in case of infection. My advice sheet tells me to ring the hospital if it goes above 37.5c. At bedtime on the night of my first treatment, I got my brand new digital scanner thermometer out and proceeded to take my temperature. Up came the result on the screen 39.8c. Panic stations and a pathetic whisper to Mrs HTL(lost voice), you had better call the hospital asap.

“Are you feeling ok,” she asked? Absolutely fine apart from the panic, lol. “Take it again,” she said. Which I duly did. Up came 36.8c. Relief, and proves the fact that women are always right,(even when they are wrong, lol.)

Having pondered a minute trying to figure out how it got from very high to normal, it suddenly dawned on me. Beside our bed there is a bedside cabinet on either side that both contain a small strip light. When I switched the device on and pressed scan, I was pointing it directly at the switched on light, before pointing it at my forehead, which is the recommended method.

Result, I was scanning a switched on strip light, LOL.

I have always admitted to being a doughnut, but on this occasion I think I reached new heights. :grinning:

All the best.



Not even as clever as my dog.
I’ve been teaching it to play the trumpet on the London underground. He went from Barking to Tooting in about an hour


Hi ash,


All the best.



That’s the spirit, fella. Have at laugh at oneself. Works wonders.

For a moment there, before you gave the logical explanation, I thought it was Mrs HTL’s presence so close to the bedside as the cause of your getting so hot in the head (and under the collar?). I accepted your explanation, because were I correct, it would have been your blood pressure and pulse rate which would have gone through the ceiling. Or do they all do that anyway? -

Ash, my response is ‘cleaner’ than yours - unless you are thinking what I am NOT saying - but I concede; definitely not as funny! Kr,A. - LLV


HtL, you paint a very comical picture there, thank goodness it was only the strip light you scanned! Noted if I ever need to use a digital thermometer, that’s probably something I would do too!


Hope your last chemo didn’t take too much out of you. New Year’s Eve tomorrow and the AM is in Scottish waters - financially that means nothing but sentimentally and auspiciously it bodes well in my mind. May 2019 bring you and us all invested here health, happiness and wealth (in that order - sorry:})


Hi Albi1,

Many thanks for your post. Yes, this second cycle has taken it out of me a bit. However, onwards and upwards hopefully, for all three that you mentioned…

Have a great New Year, and the same to all the board members.

All the best.



What you need is Irn Bru, HTL.


Hello H t L,

Best wishes to you and your family for the coming year. I’m sure it will be a year for you to remember for all the right reasons.

I’m back posting after an enforced sabbatical over the Christmas and New Year. Mrs Carliol has told me repeatedly to get a life. I decided to have an internet and mobile free holiday period but now I’m back in the real world.

It’s pleasing to see events are starting to be in Hurricane’s favour. Let’s hope things go to plan with foil within a few weeks.



Hi HtL

Realising that actually four months have passed since your diagnosis, just to wish you all the best and hope they can adjust your treatment in a way that benefits you.
Just to say, bon courage and good luck tomorrow.


Hi Albi1,

Many thanks for your kind message. My appointment tomorrow has been put back to next Wednesday. It is only a progress appointment. Providing all is well I start a new cycle on the Friday.

All the best.