Good Luck, HTL



Good Morning H t L,

Let’s hope the Aoka Mizu gets a move on and heads for Lancaster when the next weather window presents an opportunity for the hook up of the buoy. Surely it will be fourth time lucky!

The price of oil appears to be moving in our favour. In Oct 2018 it hit $90.00 a barrel and then fell sharply to $50.00 a barrel in Jan 2019. As I write the poo is now £67.77 a barrel.

We haven’t had any positive news for too long but there appears to be a build up of pending news that should send our share price over all time highs of 60p in the near future. A successful hook up. Start of drilling on Lincoln. First oil. Let’s hope these three events happen sooner rather than later.



Oil just gone over $68 :smiley:


"…I have been taken up in the last few days with my other significant investment, in Sirius Minerals, now looking as if there is a better option for their stage 2 funding for the polyhalite mine completion in NE Yorkshire"

Thank you, Millais, for that warm and inclusive Post. Hope all is well with you and Mr M in your neck of the woods. Health Care Advisors (and I) are keeping a tight oversight on my latest condition. Some more monitoring blood tests coming up, next few days.

We too, were in Sirius (SXX) but quietly and safely disembarked with a tolerable life-jacket of Profit, on concerns over the debt pile needed to finance the next stage. But as you have said, there seems now to be less severity of the cloud-hang based on better clarity on options which may be available. May go back in for the intermediate/LT, dependent on our interpretation of how this is playing out. Seems like it could be a good LT one. Still firmly on board with AM HUR, clutching on to the railings and hoping that an appropriate WW will present itself to enable hook-up and … (read onwards and upwards!!). My opinion, including that all things considered, the SP is holding is own, rather well.
Kind regards, ALL. - LLV


Any idea why that is? i.e. is it just a short term blip or something more significant which will affect the PoO for years?

I should try to sort it our myself but am going on a bike ride and just about to set



Hi lawven2,

I am truly sorry to hear about your latest health ordeal. I can tell from your posts that you are a person of strength and character, and as with your previous problem, I have every faith that you can fight this off.

Wishing you well.

Take care.



Hi Floss,

I hope you are well?

In answer to your question, the following article by “Nick Cunningham”, who I have found seems to have his finger consistently on the pulse, hopefully should give you some pointers.

The problem with oil prices is who knows for sure? As we all know, the direction can change in seconds.

All the best.




Sale has been the oil price driver, so `The series of spending cuts by U.S. shale producers may actually slow down the drilling machine. “This is just the beginning,” Phil Flynn, senior market analyst at Price Futures Group Inc., told Bloomberg. “The reality of the situation is that a lot of these guys are not making money’

They have presumably been telling the naive bankers that although the current prospect is not likely to repay them the one coming up will be an absolute bonanza!

Reminds me of when I was invested in a very small pioneering chemical company hundreds of miles away. I was very dependant on the MD giving me truthful assessments of the progress and potential of the new chemicals they were producing. Each one had fantastic potential and each one was soon followed by an even better one. Every time the prospects improved but unfortunately none of them actually got to market. Eventually the `scales fell from my eyes’ and the company was revealed to be a complete



Hi Floss,

Yes, that sounds very similar to MTV, which I managed to spend a lot of time and money on. Eventually you wake up, however it still hurts.

Following on from that article, it appears that as the “green brigade” exert more and more pressure on the large institutional investors, the banks will become less willing to back the industry.

All the best.



I suspect that the prime driver is the greenback' rather than thegreen’ brigade

If the borrowers are not making money’ (which is indistinguishable fromlosing money’) the bankers might at best see only a dribble of their own money coming back before the flow stops completely.

So it is not surprising that they will look askance at any new shale



Very brave in these winds.


I am pleased that Dr T and the skipper of the AM are not being `brave’.

Far better safe than



Thanks, HTL. I greet you well. Let me hasten to assure that I am under no stress on this. If not necessarily of much ‘strength of character.’, I think of myself as a humble - but not over-modest -pragmatist. i.e. I do all I can, within my best ability, and faithfully follow the advice and recommendations of my Health Care Professionals. After that, I am quite comfortable with ‘.Que sera, sera’ - a la Doris Day (circa 97 if she lives to April 03 upcoming- doing my best to get there and beyond, as long as I can remain healthy with reasonable acuity of vision & hearing!). Kr,A. and continued GL on HUR’s. - LLV


I remember my auntie being diagnosed with pre-diabetes aged 96 and the health visitor saying she couldn’t eat this, that and the other.
I told her to ignore that and eat what she wanted as if it has taken 96 years to get to pre-diabetes it won’t turn into proper diabetes until she is 150!


@ash6666 (and right this time!)
I told her to ignore that and eat what she wanted as if it has taken 96 years to get to pre-diabetes it won’t turn into proper diabetes until she is 150!

Hear, Hear, Ash. But had anyone banned my stinky-cheese and cashew nuts, I would have made the exception of faithfully following HCPs’ (health care professionals’) advice. Have entirely cut out the super malt, though. I hope that your Aunt - like Doris Day is still alive and sans diabetes. - Kr,A. - LLV


She got to 100 and the telegram (actually just a birthday card these days) before passing away, several years after wanting to go after losing most of her eyesight.


_…before passing away, several years after wanting to go after losing most of her eyesight…"

Yeah, Ash. And I am not even going to say ‘sorry’ - because, to introduce a possibly controversial topic - I am kinda ambivalent about euthanasia (i.e. providing foolproof safeguards (HOW???) can be introduced to prevent miscarriage and skullduggery! But therein lies the rub!! - Kr,A. - LLV


She was fairly religious so wouldn’t have done anything proactive but said many times she blames doctors/hospitals/modern medicine for keeping people going long after they should and prolonging misery even if no pain is involved.


Surely she should have blamed






Probably, Ash; so no disrespect seen in your riposte. But is it not generally accepted that appropriately ‘blinkered’ horses do run better races? Less distractions? I thought that your original answer was quite explanatory.
If she were ‘fairly religious’ - as you say she was - she will never blame either God (or Flod) for her perceived afflictions. She may even have considered a reference to him in the latter terminology to be just a bit unreligious - and that’s speaking of her most respectfully, because I am fast approaching, d.v. & pre diabetes 2 permitting! - Kr,A. - LLV