Good set of results amongst many disasters



“”""“It said that while total full price sales were in line with its expectations, online sales including interest income were £17m - or 2.2% - ahead of its expectations, and retail sales were £16m - or 1.7% - below.”"""

Considering all the doomsters were reporting a big decline in retail sales again, this looks like a stable position.

Games - maybe this will turn out to be a bargain in a normal market – if there is such a thing.


Maybe, Games, maybe. No doubt it is a well-run business, with a deserved “premium” reputation among investors.

But it still faces many of the same challenges that others do, and as always, past performance (in any aspect) is no indication of future, etc, etc. I am entirely confident we will see a “normal market” in due course, in line with the inviolable rules of mean reversion (just don’t know when!), but it could be that it’ll be proved that there are quite a few bigger bargains out there currently?