Good time to buy



Although miffed a bit at placing and drop this morning I decided its a very good time and price to top up!
Make a negative into a positive - SP upwards from here now (remember sophisticated investors and insto’s don’t invest without real potential growth prospects for their dosh).
Still feel this has lots of potential for those PI’s with a bit of patience.
Get some more while you can.
Good luck.


Placing @ 6p 17% discount ?
None placed in UK ?
whose the broker .
sophisticated investors what does that mean lol.
Is it designed to suck others in ?


This is a typical capital raising method Ripley94 - it enables smaller cap companies to raise funds quickly with minimum outlay - just always ticks off PI’s who rightly see the shares they bought at a higher SP offered with a big discount. to the privileged few.
On the positive side though usually after this occurs the SP recovers so if you are still holding then continue to hold but time your profit taking when you can.


Thanks ranger gb.
But why not use primary bid type raising i have just been sent details of one by prem taking place over this weekend wouldn’t this be fairer to existing holders who can have opportunity to by at placing price.


I do not believe none placed in UK now. As i note SVS had a load to pump out after recommending buy on 29th March … lol


Gary Newman ( SP ) was keen on this in a blog March 15th 2017 they have not mentioned since.
He referred to the Nov 2016 IPO @ 6.5p and then an August placing @ 5.5p which does not make sense ?
Have not looked at this for 13 months another placing this time 5.75p ( last 6p ) this time 27% discount.
Where SVS involved again . ( Was there an RNS May 2017 stating none placed in uk ? )
Whats the difference between “entitlement” and open offer to share holders ?
One year on not sure primary bid is a good idea most offers from them lose money .


They were involved again but hard to get that information .
Placing was @ 5.75p … it dropped a bit below that in the days after but it is around placing price 21 days later.


Bought today @ 5.2p
Good history on Proactive investor site .
Botswana .
April 8th 2013 listed on ASX @ $ 0.50 First day 16% premium .
AIM admission and placing 30 November 2015 @ 6.5p.
Placing 26 April 2017 @ 6p .
Noticed i posted here 24th March 2017 Beaufort must of been involved in a placing .
Not sure if they ever raised via Primary Bid


Saw this down @ 4.55 p this morning ( 12 % lower then 4 days ago )
Good RNS @ 7am … maybe a tree shake.


6.95p On 5th Feb 2019 …retraced and bounced back to 6.1p today