Growth Opportunities Under Consideration



“Regional REIT (LSE: RGL), the regional real estate investment specialist focused on building a diverse portfolio of income producing regional UK core and core plus office and industrial property assets, announces that it is considering an equity fundraise to take advantage of its growing near-term pipeline of opportunities in the investment market. The funds would be deployed in line with its investment policy with a view to delivering further value to its shareholders.”

Any such equity fundraise is expected to follow the publication of a prospectus, with further announcements to follow in due course.

I was on another forum the other day and ii chat came up. The general consesus was the site is dead, strangled by someone. Lol. You can’t post anything without being told how terrible the world is, so here goes :wink:



Yep this forum is nothing compared to the previous version. In fact I haven’t been here for six months or more as everything is just so difficult to find. So you have caught me on a lucky day trying it out or is that nostalgia

So most likely a placing of some sort down the line. At a discount? and including small holders?

Quite a few doing similar, UKW also throwing in its hat although even with the discount that only a 5.22% yield when previously you were looking at +6%. Still RGL’s yield is still much higher even if the SP rise has taken off a bit of the shine.

If it were a choice between the two I think my money might go to this one at the moment


Hi Gerry, I spend less and less time here.

I’m OK with the site, but it’s just not the same atmosphere.

I’ve wondered the same questions.

They also raised a bond a few years ago:


I guess we can’t discount more exotic equity, but a placing of ordinary shares might be the most likely.

Lets hope that it’s not the case, and we get pre-emption rights along the way.



Well now we know what capital raising method they want to do - Proposed Placing, Open Offer, Offer for Subscription and Intermediaries Offer. [Click to see RNS]

This is in addition to the extra fire-power resulting from the recent refinancing [See RNS] which brings the total to ~£81m


Afternoon all,
Looking into it, and generally intending to diversify my REITS into warehousing, I think I am likely to take up the 1 in 8 placing (or somewhere close to it). At 106.5p it ain’t “cheap” as RGL has been over the last couple of years. But that is part of management’s job I suppose and whereas it might be costing me a few pps more, it also means the company is raising an extra £m of two from mostly other people with which RGL can invest more. Long term I still find this a solid investment.
Off-topic: It is true the new iii discussion platform doesn’t have the same atmosphere as before and has lost many users. However, if we all make the effort, perhaps we can make it great again (no Trump-ism intended!). I try on ADVFN and LSE sites but, apart from a few instances, it just doesn’t seem to be the same and is full of trolls and wannabe Gordon Gekkos that just bore me! I’m interested in trying to share information with other private investors, some who will know more and some who will know less than me about any particular company. But through it we all improve our chances to prosper.


Hi Mr Solo, have you tried yet?

You’ll find there’s often very detailed, and polite, exchange of views.

You might also like the focus on income investing on some of the threads.

This morning alone there was updates/comments on 52 threads that cover a range of topics. Both investing and not. You might find a Gordon Gekko, but not for long. They get booted with frequency.

BTW, I’ve alreay bought in the market. I had trade credits and was happy to pay a couple of pence over the offer price. I have one or two other irons in the fire during July, so I wanted to get it done now. Now I’m waiting to see if Footbal Index has raised more cash, so I can excersise my pre-emption rights!

Interesting business:

If you’re ever looking for something more volatile than AIM…lol Trading in footballers!