Hard choice



Just seen the Investor day RNS.

Unfortunately on the same day I have been invited the the annual, watching different paints drying day. Will probably go to that event as likely to be more exciting.

:(( :blush:


Better that than a p*** up at the pub where DEMG shareholders can go to a wake and drown their sorrows. Only question is who buys the rounds? The investor s who are broke or the DEMG management who are expert at p**ing money away up the wall?

Cheers, RAC


Deltex defines its key management personnel to be its Board of Directors, which received compensation in FY2017 of £531k

We assume a monthly cash-burn of, say, £120k. With funds raised in Feb 2018, such compensation will continue until at least May 2019, say

Exec is well motivated to consider alternative strategic options, or maintain status quo?
It is a no-brainer for them, surely?

Where does this leave us PI’s?


Most PI’s are probably nursing at least a 50% plus loss

But then again so are some of the DEMG BOD

If another £2M cash is needed next year , and based upon trading that looks likely, with DEMG going sideways at around 1.25p ish

1p a share for a fundraising would look about right , unless trade worsens eg another USA account is lost.

So that would be another 200 Million shares to be issued , which along with the loan notes deal means DEMG would have around 1 Billion penny shares in issue.


As I have no idea how to post a new subject title on this useless iii new system, I am posting here.

So Ewan Philips has jumped ship, ‘indicating that he had concluded that it was now time for a change in leadership to guide the Group through its next stage of development.’

Isn’t that exactly the same words that the previous CEO used.

My thought are that he has jumped ship before HMS Deltex goes down with all hands, plus our money of course.



It all seems most strange…

Who knows what reality of situation is?
It is possible some shareholders decided enough was enough


I doubt if the company have gone even half way in telling us what the situation really is.

As a shareholder, I lost my faith in this company several years ago, retaining just 1000 shares, although I should have sold out completely, but one of the few times heart (still believe in the product) ruled head.

Ewan Phillips should have gone long ago as we need someone with a none pussyfooting approach, although I feel that any chance of saving this company have long gone.


Same words as every year since (well difficult to remember that far back) with only the Andy Mears reference difference. Surely there will be no one at the AGM that falls for this rubbish.

As often said, no matter how good the product is, if its left on the shelf because they can’t sell it, it won’t make any money.

Deltex Medical’s management, led by Andy Mears, will be working on optimising the Group’s sales and marketing activities in order to maximise the Group’s revenues and addressable markets. The team will also be exploring new ways of addressing the challenge that many hospitals currently only use haemodynamic monitoring for high risk patients.