How is this down?



Today they release a statement that says all its brands are up above expectations and yet the share price goes down?
What gives?
Mr P


Seen this happen quite a few times. Normally the markets wake up a few days later, maybe when analysts have gone over the figures and put in the big volume buys that really move the SP. Many times I’ve bought on good results only to see SP drop initially then move up in 2-5 days. Having said that, BOO volume has been high this morning so must be some large sells going through. As I see it, the results are excellent so I doubled up at 191 and I would again at 180p. I’m sure in time I’ll make a sound profit. Hold tight and be patient if you have shares - I’m sure these will be over 200 soon enough.


Don’t know man… this is wrong


Be patient - check back in a week.


I just topped up some, and will see what happens later today, maybe buy some more


In fact this is similar to what has happened with this share in the past. I sold on Friday afternoon, too early I thought but was wary of this happening again. I was in originally at 30p and will go back in when it settles down.


Yes this weird but I have also seen this many times before. Basically the share price is based on expectation and due to statements made a few weeks ago, you can assume that today’s news was already built into the share price. As nothing therefore has changed this morning, for some it is time to take profits. Always remember the golden rule that the markets do not represent the current situation but are trying to predict the future. And if anyone can predict the future, especially considering what’s going on in parliament today, well done!


It’s down because boohoo growth was actually less than expected 18%, shows signs of slowing. PLT growth appears spectacular except 1/3 still to pay for. This is s big danger to share holders because boo is paying for its growth and not getting full value. Then add the whole brexit trade barriers and the PE looks overvalued. This is why has their extremely overvalued rating on them. Otherwise, yes, boohoo are growing but an easy target for shorters


I trust you’re not saying BOO would be better off if PLT hadn’t grown so spectacularly. FY Revenue growth was about 47% IIRC and ahead of expectations - dunno where you get 18% from.

BOO 184.5p as I type. Was at 177p post results. Seems to have settled down and slow steady increase looks promising IMO. Looking at, there are many factors which it spews out - I actually decided to buy some more based on their analysis. USA growth up 75% and so no brexit worries there. Yes, the MC is high but so are the opportunities for continued growth and overseas expansion. Add to that the highly respected new CEO Lyttle coming over from Primark to bring some market know how and we have a recipe for continued stellar results going forward.


Closed gap. Now @191 which is where we saw some resistance last month. Keep the faith - there’s more upside to come.


Let’s be honest BOO has not really gone anywhere over the last two years. Brexit and potential of further devaluation of the pound look the main cause.


Disagree. Last year alone there was a low of 140 (approx) and high of 244 (approx). That’s a rise of 74% change - not exactly doing nothing. The tricky bit is to buy low and sell high. My method is just that and so far I’ve done very well. I’m sure 300 will be seen in next couple of years.