Hurricane's Future Prospects?



If you let it bother you that much. You sound insecure.


Not at all. I just have to go to a private forum where a few of us operate.

A few sector specialists, commodities and whatnot . Global pulse. We update each other there in certain areas.

Can’t all be fun


Oh right, who’s that then; Tinky-Winky, Dipsy, Laa Laa & Po? I’m betting you’re Tinky-Winky :smiley:


Yes haha


No, the funds don’t think it’s crap. Either they can’t invest while it’s on AIM, or they’re waiting for data like everyone else, then takeover time.


As i said imo. The same as yours is just opinion.


Don’t disturb him/them, they’re having a meeting - must be user/personality change over time :smiley:


Many fund types with many specialties. Not all are holistic and yes on the whole, particular funds can invest anywhere . Even fledgling


Are you Hyper Al by any chance?


Maybe a bit hyper lol. But Al , no


This used to be a decent forum until you turned up, Armageddon. I’ve cut you some slack till now because it’s fine to hear alternative viewpoints, but you’re just a troll. This forum needs to reinstate the ignore feature or it’s going to be damaged even further - anybody like this new(ish) set up?


I like the posting features but the lack of ignore… not so much.


Thats funny. The troll is up around 15%. What s the percentage return for the troll at 10p? Luvly Jubly


So the troll called short wti 58/59

The troll held short claim on HUR 64.7 high day

Tell me Albi… what should i call you?


Everyone should listen to Albi. … Great buy here. Long term… … You heard it from Albi first 64p


You should call me someone who takes a balanced view and stands by the fundamentals until proven otherwise. In it for the long term. If anyone made a decision based on these boards alone they should not be investing here in the first place.

Stop scaring folk and play with your buddies. Let good companies grow and give your greed a rest.


Trolling… reiterating something over and over that is wrong.

It’s not me on this daily for months at a time lads, and getting it wrong (double whammy) I’m only here a week or so

How is a short scary when your all so confident in the buy???


It’s not scary for you because you make money by frightening people into selling. They sell, you profit.

Enough now.


Are you serious ? Do you have any idea of fund: retail weighting

If i convinced 450,000 of you to sell over a weeks period, the SP wouldn’t even budge 0.1% since last week

Not how it works Albi


If only that were true. Another lie. Have a word with your other personalities, as you’re all losing track of what you’ve done/said.