Hurricane's Future Prospects?



Am i here longer? I do apologise.

Time flies when making money… …


Wti trading up inside the bear…

Are you ready lads…


You do realise you aren’t the only one (who has made/is making money)? Difference is, most of us aren’t so insecure that we have to post about it every 5 mins. Keep typing, I’m catching you all out with each post :smiley:


Your only all insecure about being wrong… . So obvious on the short attack… …


Maybe another 20 experience years kiddo, you catch me having a nap one day, maybe



Not remember your first message to me? How we met? Il remind you…

Wti 58/59… HUR 64p?

"I only registered to call Armageddon out with his short bull****

Well you called me out…

And look where it all is now… …




I could have sworn you were no more than a teenager. (I’m not talking looks)


Yes well No point in letting age make you all serious and Narky. Il try stave that off another while.



And if we don’t have to quote lie accusations…

You said

“wti would be 70p by today, and HUR 78p”


Can you take your posts over to the shorting thread … it’s literally clogging up any useful information posted here.


Unbelievable. I post once today and multiple users come out of their bunkers. Not nuclear bunkers . HUR fallout bunkers


Did you learn English from watching the Teletubbies? Luckily your English is good enough I can usually make out what you’re trying to say. Don’t worry, my English isn’t great, and I’m a native. And I bet your English is better than my grasp of your native tongue - that’s a compliment, by the way.

Who’s wrong? Many are well up here, even with the pullback. You just make out that you buy the bottom, sell the top, then short the top to the bottom on every move, which you clearly don’t, and one of the other users/personalities has already confirmed.

No one’s attacking a shorter. A few are calling out a ******* though. Playing the victim, again, I thought you said you didn’t do that? Something else you’re insecure about?


It’s taken you 20 years to perfect being a ****? I’m quite happy where I am, thank you.

  1. We’ve never met, that I’m aware of. Probably a language/cultural miscommunication, so I’ll let it fly.
  2. I didn’t call out your call - I wouldn’t do that to anyone, as anything is possible in this game, and I don’t control the market(s) - I called out your bad attitude, as I have re-affirmed in multiple post. You can quote me on that, as I haven’t deleted any of my posts so as not to be caught out, unlike some.


I’m replying. Not posting. Including to your questions


You did. But like you, I cant ‘quote’ the accusation




You also said all HUR buyers are Muppets

You ain’t foolin me kid.


Did I? Quote me then…

And if I did - which I certainly didn’t - there would be witnesses to back you up, which you won’t find. Unlike with your post, which you’ve deleted and are witnesses. Nice try though. #Rattled


So why do i need to? You also said Tesco would be 950p by today too. And Lloyds would be 105p

Ah kid… Not foolin me .

why disagree with me here?

You said HUR would be 5p by year end. We both agree there


I don’t need to quote it, as there are/were witnesses to your post(s). I love it when you’re rattled. Trollololol :smiley:


Ah kid… Not foolin me…