Hurricane's Future Prospects?




No witness stepping forward to back up your claim though. Let’s see who does… .

And then il see did I save thread before it disappeared


Doesn’t bother me if they do or don’t. I’m just loving how rattled you get. Insecurity peaks, the spamming starts, spurious claims etc. Hysterical. Everyone knows what you are :smiley:


I must admit I am rattled. This HUR dog isn’t dropping fast enough. Have to add capital to make the Time rate of return work out

No point getting there in ten years. Cash value half dead by then. Ramp it up time…


Do it, you may be able to buy that Ferrari for cash then, rather than finance. #rattled #trollololol


Ferrari lol. I’m classier than that . ever own a Ferrari @DeeJayHaitch ?

What You make of that special button under the wheel of the 488? You know what i mean im sure… . A Ferrari fan.

A complete rig right? I forget what it does. Remind me…


If you are ever tempted, don’t bother. Far removed from luxury… A playday thing on a racetrack maybe. … If you can ever afford that hobby…

But given HUR, Maybe just watch them on tv



I see your Ted Baker is down 26%. I did warn you… .Maybe that’s why after me today ?

Just spotted it now


Does this forum have a moderator? If so, could you please remove the troll? Completely ruining the forum.


Sorry if I’m disturbing your life online reality.


Let’s join forces then. All together.

Let’s talk about great sounding stuff and bullish macro events for crude… … whilst they all collapse

Just so we can feel better.

Any news from Iran? They blowing up anything positive yet ?

Maybe opec are going to choke supply by 50%. We should get a 2 cent increase in oil…

That will pay for all the rust patches on our Nigerian scrapyard tankers


HUR PMO some afternoon buyers. Getting set up for after close again? Too easy for the smart money lads . They are dumping the higher price stock on You, from your own support



I don’t suppose you care what folk say in response to your posts, you must have some kind of agenda here, as nobody would keep posting randomly on BB for no reason unless they are fresh from a mental institution.

I can only speak for myself, but

I have held shares here for 5 years and counting. Its shit or bust for me. I won’t be selling any shares until TO (or potential) TO day.

I have no stop losses set, as they have been some quick drops for no reason, so for me there too risky.

I do have all my shares set too sell at a massively inflated level (130x todays price), as I was told that if you do this your shares cannot be used for shorting.

If you are here to spook anyone into selling, then you are wasting your time here.

I gave you the time of day when you appeared here first, but you post so much I now simply skip past.



No don’t care when they say. I listen to markets.

Same agenda as you . Make money.

Funny how you mention the mental institution to the one in profit… .

But there we go…

Stops are relevant in all markets. It’s the volatility you measure.

Let’s say your willing to risk 5% of your holding. Holding £10,000. That’s £500 risk

Well if you think your in a 25% volatility band, adjust holding size so 25% still equates to £500 risk

Whatever your volatulity measure, once price leaves it? Your wrong. Shouldn’t be in. Your in the zone of never never land.

Might bounce. May not. But risk now up to 100% holdings. And analysis blown out of water outside volatility.

No sense in that

Also note stop importance… No point being up 5% on £1000 holding. Down £5% on a £10000 holding. Fixed risk normally sensible in monetary terms


Risk adjustment.

None is just greed. It deserves any punishment it gets.


Good. Means you probs bought more. Chat next week sub 50p


As I’m long, I don’t give a fcuk about the day to day price.

You mention profit, i can assure you currently at least I’m a lot more in profit than you. ; )

I don’t need to buy more as I’m so much in profit, and regard my risk as plenty at current levels.

The bigger rewards here are in sight. There may be some setbacks and WD might not even be the next big thing.

I can only lose 100%, a shorter if not properly covered can lose a whole lot more.

If it does go down I may buy plenty more, but not sell.

Good luck to you with your methods, as I certainly cannot work them out. If they are working for you so be it.

But cut the good folk of this board some slack from the Tripe



Il be short this longer than you can hold it


Just gave you some great risk advise. Unfortunately too bull blinkered to accept it.

Best of luck in your wipe out.

Save my posts. Future reference for your next dally in markets.