Hurricane's Future Prospects?



Had a quick look, but can’t find it, no. If you stopped misbehaving and having posts/threads deleted, or delete them yourself, I’d have no problem quoting what you’ve said. Well, you and any of the other users of the account. You definitely said it though, I think to Flossoffa (I may be wrong), but can’t remember what in relation to, probably shorting HUR though.

Why, is that what you’re into, you dirty ****? No wonder you call yourself a bear…


Sums up your day really


Im into money. Get the smart hat on.

What you going to make money in during 1-3 year correction? Safe havens only?

Short lad short. Learn in bull markets

Imagine how you’ll do in years of fear. ?


Not my fault there’s a 5 day hole in your activity. Doesn’t mean you haven’t said it though.*

*Correction - Doesn’t mean it hasn’t been posted by someone using your account.

You poor creature. There’s more to life you know. Sure I can’t peel you away for a drink sometime? I’ll have a negroni - you’re paying of course, as you’re the one with all the dosh.


I’m into money…

What you think pays for life? …we are just lucky. Markets are fun as well as work. And pay us well…


Last time I was asked that i was offered a job. After i finished laughing i decided not to accept a drink offer from strangers anymorec


6/6/19 wti close 5330 or 5307 non-broker

Ready lads?.. .

Catch a few US bull suckers there for stock buy v commodity support ,

and then away we go…


@DeeJayHaitch I dont watch for patterns much as i don’t trade em but doesn’t mean not got some info.

Look at that head and shoulders on intra . Better hope the black line holds because thats one powerful right shoulder . Hard smack if breaks. Volumes completely bear. You better hope some big hitters move in here fast



Crude counts tomorrow . You dont want price trading below that pre counts. If it is , consider 53 buried even in a bounce.

HUR will open 8am with more Lolly for Arma… the usual


Anyone know where the mute button is here? Saves me reading my own words and being dazzled all day by my own brilliance



Wise man once said to me:

“Only one type of investor can operate without stops. Those big enough to floor the price”

That you?


Problem is, those words were a long time ago As buffet found out in Tesco, even he can’t floor them all now.


Your black line is way up! According to other TA experts it is at 52.62:

WTI has formed a bearish reversal pattern on the daily chart, yet still shows potential for a bullish reversal on the intraday chart, if key resistance is broken.

The daily chart remains in a clear downtrend, although prices have retraced after coming close to testing $50.
The retracement has stalled at a resistance cluster which comprises of the 10-day eMA, March and stopped just shy of a 50% retracement level.
A dark cloud cover reversal has formed at this resistance zone to show a hesitancy to break higher. A break of $52.62 confirms the reversal on the daily chart.
If prices fail to break lower and momentum takes it higher, it could form the right shoulder of a head and shoulders reversal pattern which, if successful, projects a target around $59.60.

May be you better close your crude oil shorts?


Adding to shorts bud. Volume weighted average price is getting dumped daily by the funds around here.

However I wont say your charts and analysis are incorrect. My proper charts have spaceman settings lol. Probably not seen in most places.

So who knows. Maybe ive skewed a true view?

We shall see as always.

But let’s look at what i call a typical broker analysis. …read all views online
Plus your one above… .

They can never be wrong. Down if, Maybe up, if, but

No matter what happens, the articles etc always covers a both ways.


First para from them…

Not much of a pointer is it?


The way I understood it is that if 52.62 is broken, then it is bearish. If it holds (and some key resistance is broken) it is VERY bullish!. You’re saying (if I understood u correctly): if 53 is broken it is VERY bearish. If 53 holds then wait for what happens next!


5307 has more meaning. It’s an open /close price from the same zone recently . It’s also where the last breakout North showed true volume. Isn’t there now.

Then 53 is a round number so always a thing to check.

When i said the big right shoulder is a danger? That means there are a lot here that will close out sub 5307… snowballing it a bit.

But every trade is unique as you know. We could be at this price say next week as example? And analysis will conclude much differently .

So whatever way you analyse it, make sure it accounts for present and past volumes. Weight volume price etc


And false support
. This is where they drop it to a previous area of support. Stall the ball. Duck in buyers and then continue their executions. Getting to dump it at higher prices. Again each analysis unique at each support orv esistence that you may see

They tend to do real moves where retail dont expect it. And adjust to play around at the obvious. That’s a very general statement.

Doesn’t mean they are chasing you per se. But part of the sum


If 53 holds its only bullish if you see real buyers there. Otherwise its probably low volume dead cat bounce.

That can be bought too. But just be realistic in profit expectation and prep the short button.

Should do all this on stocks bud. Slower and easier analyse as you set your ways

Forex, oil, indices, leave until last.

Unless your just monitoring them for stock holdings obvioisly.


You are quite right there. I am not a trader never will be!