Hurricane's Future Prospects?



Well these things are investment instruments too via etfs etc. So i wasn’t sure if you invested directly in oil via those or not


Obviously dont ignore your fundamentals on sector etc.

But make sure chart is telling you its ok to buy now. If the money aint sniffing, it’s the wrong time


Yes we know you now.

And it now seems your just wrong I know you are . too emotional!!!

A total bunch of knob ends.

You can short this till your fund runs dry for all I care. Your risk not mine.


I will. To administration and beyond


Nice to hear your planning to put your fund into administration, more money for us guys.

Many thanks


Can i ask you something? All my advise. If I give it to you say, at HUR 3p, will you listen?

Or will you still be saying…

I’m holding foreverrrrr


You can say anything you want, I am also sure that you will as you have posted plenty since you appeared here. You will also be pleased to learn that I don’t listen to anyone but myself.

All you have succeeded in doing here is to switch off the regulars as they obviously cannot suffer the incessant posts. I seldom actually post much on here.

I have only engaged today as I am at a loose end.

I now bid you a pleasant evening.


We all make mistakes. I even let my own sense slip me once with Debenhams. Not for much thankfully as just a punt. Every stock has a Carillion DEB potential.

And it usually happens just when you think **** risk management




Trust me. They are watching. Praying for the day I go bullish HUR


Never happen


Well, you lost £5000 there didn’t you? as you admitted in one of your posts conversing with @jackdawsson. That is not the problem however! But you also made your newly acquired Irish friend @Ripley94 lose a lot of money as he trusted you and followed you on DEB when you were posting as Last-Call (using private email from what I gathered)! Have you apologised to him?


You seem to believe that one person posting multiple times will carry the same weight of opinion as many people all saying the same thing. But we all carry the inherited wisdom of our forefathers in the emotional side of our brain; it is what makes us suspicious of people’s motives when they offer unsupported opinions no matter how often they preach at us. It also protects us from worrying too much when some nut or other proclaims that the end of the world is nigh.

We all know that your objective is not to protect our interests but to feather your own nest; your continual efforts betray you. Strategically, your timing is very good, there is likely to be some good news in the pipeline ready for the CMD, so it makes sense for you to stock up on HUR now and you clearly want to pay as little as possible for your shares in order to maximise your gain.

The expression `wolf in sheep’s clothing’ does not fit you very well, you are more like the grandma in another moral tale:
“Oh Granny, what big teeth you’ve got!” she replies “All the better to eat you with, my dear!”

remember Little Red Riding



I’m sure rip did same as me. Just punt few quid. Yes just £5000. Penny stock. Couldn’t be putting real money into it. Not a blue chip etc.

Glad you note I admit those errors.

Just never many to note. But as ever, happy to state when did.

How’s oil doing now? Got your support yet?


Tell me then, as it’s the same coin. Just the opposite side. Whats your motive for a bullish posts?

And what’s your objective? As an investor? Different? How strange

I didn’t fail to eat her. Wolves just baby’ food for bears



Why don’t you ask rip if i should never make a suggestion to her again ? I made many. She is here. If she says don’t, I wont


No, in fact looks quite bearish right now and is getting very close to your 53 level!


Why have you no volumes in it?


My personal belief that volumes don’t really matter in consumable commodity such as oil. This is not some AIM listed share you know. I am glad however that 53 did not break right to closing time.


Don’t forget fixed volume periods. It’s where most action occurs. A trailing 12 month fixed volume bars on the chart as support and resistance top 30% .

Most believe that about oil, Forex etc. However let me put it of this way.

If large funds highly monitor and average out 24 hour transactional flows in volume form, why do you deem it low value?

If 53 breaks it’s because of those bearish volumes (mentioned earlier , and transaction flow volumes the ceiling)