Hurricane's Future Prospects?



Ok not all funds. But we really only wanna know the good ones anyway.


Your not gonna read this stuff online or in books dude. Note it and figure it out. If it doesn’t click now, it will one day.


Look, I know there is a lot of oil being traded ( smuggled ) at very cheap prices. Such as sanctioned Iranian oil, oil extracted by armed groups in the middle east etc. But still that doesn’t matter when compared to the much bigger picture.


Agree. Doesn’t matter a toss.


Oil getting smacked yet? Maybe those volumes kickin in at closing 53?


So, counts tomorrow blah blah… . Market already telling you, short its ass on any bounce, data driven or dead cat. Not matter which.


Very badly! I am afraid:


I’m happy to help anyone who isn’t stupid enough to ignore techs. Just dont be a smart ass and il throw you it bit by bit


Now I need to get to drink. Sun rising. Catch up later


If your shorting btw don’t now. You missed optimal earlier. Wait till it’s above VW, then got fund money behind you.

VW thundered 53… "they think it’s all over… … it is now "


I more optimistic somehow! 52.62 holding so far and a little green candle appeared at last. I am hoping it will be followed by many:


Bus it’s a retail support. Going to get hammered later. 5307 was key here. Forget 5262

Executions stop for others to buy, and dump the **** all over them a bit higher.


Retail support a bad name. It’s for Muppet funds.


Same thing anyway


Anything above 5286 is sell out price


The higher above 5286, the more short value. It’s fund sell zone


This is more important to you. Because an investor .

Plan like an investor (trade or investment )

Execute like a trader. Mix the two skills. Only telling you what the best do so don’t set the stall low . Learn it all

Then you wont be investing when the market has no intention to for another 40% lol

Catch up anyway on Thursday. I have to party with some until then


Lo and Behold! Its 2 green candles now (very small ones though):


Forget candles bud. They are good to interpret gap markets and such. And entry at the right time.

Maybe you should use heiken ashi candles for now… calm the noise down a bit for you. Or line chart. Just has open and close turns.


Try those for the mo. Catch up Thursday.