Hurricane's Future Prospects?



It is drowning!

The last big red candle has broken the falling lower Bollinger Band and an “Engulfing Bearish Pattern” has formed. SAR signalling downtrend!


Very good. My evil plan to destroy all teletubby oilies is ahead of schedule


PMO already flyin down. The HUR fundamental crunch number is near (fundamental strength v commodity price point).

Not long now. Start shedding 5%'s regularly.

Then my plan is complete. 90% short return in one year.

Then il leave it.

Let the long term buyers pick up the crumbs. 1% per year. Less inflation


They will look like chickens pecking at food in the dirt. The crumb destruction compliments of… …



Just looked at this forum. Moderators, please get rid of this troll - your forum will be abandoned by most contributors if you don’t have his account deleted. It used to be a civilised discussion board, but at the moment some childish prick has scrawled graffiti all over it. Clean it up please.


Why does it seem to take


some users multiple posts to


get their point across?



Surely you know by now… impossible get point across to most retail.

Why ban the only one who is right?

ii will be delighted to have me here. When it’s heard that the LC is here, their monthly web traffic will increase 100 fold… …



is on ii.

Announce it to the world now. But do be aware, it also brings bears to the party. And most make me look like a cuddly rabbit with big floppy ears


Just be glad i haven’t informed LAST CALL about HUR yet… when he gets going… … it’s Armageddon time. The bears will roar



Now there is a poster who can do something about sentiment. Il invite him on the weekend. Keep sentiment in the 0.01-0.02 percentile range


Last post today unless I’m referred to again…

Armageddon got super bearish last week 64.70

A week later , at 52.68 sell currently. …

So all you newbies. Keep that in mind when the rampers attack the bear here later.

EVIDENCE IN THE PRICE. There is nowhere else worth looking


Away and fuck off, you wee toley. May your next shite be a hedgehog.


Alibi_8 and anyone on this forum who has an II account - please call and report this spamming. I can’t because I only have a research account. All I can do is email and I have already sent three. SOS!


Albi1, I don’t think ii are particularly interested in actually doing anything - probably quite happy with the number of posts as probably helps them with advertising statistics.


I hope they don’t see this class act …

ManGod says HUR 10p


GIRFUY. More like ManDog.


Don’t report Armageddon… . They will know me better as

The ManGod King… The accounts that just keep on rollin


It’s all getting very emotional here.

Relax all. Everything will be ok. I promise il close shorts at 10p. You have my word…