Hurricane's Future Prospects?



@ValueSeeker8 see the support wti 5150? Sucker buy dude into data. No buyers of interest to us there. Dead cat. Possibly see 50 bucks in next 24-36 hours

No short value below 5222. Funds not behind you if shorted below it so, if dead cat gets there or above… …overdrive short to 50. Funds behind you at optimal there short.

Never short a low. It’s uneccessary risk addition. Wait prime number


I know you don’t short. But learn it as a buyer. Vital





I am not shorting any thing, I am not a trader. All I did/want to do is protect myself. Currently I see support at 51.70 because lower Bollinger Band is at 51.73 as I type though it’s heading lower along with sma20. SAR still signalling downtrend.



Two sides to all markets my friend. Must know both.

First thing i had to learn in a buyer environment.


Yet you seem to lead such a hollow life, and so insecure. Money doesn’t appear to be working out for you, in my opinion.

Funny you should say that, as I’m in need of a gardener.

Why should I hope it holds? Of what concern is any of that to me?

So you say. This may be true, or may be a false statement to try to humanise yourself. ‘Believe nothing you hear, and only half that you see’.

Must be an absolute banging party you’re attending. I wish I was invited. Trollololol.


@ValueSeeker8 Most bad sentiment and reversals are not caused by shorters. It’s mass bulls booking out due to fear, targets hit, or sector + analysis.

Bulls start all downturns by creating the supply. Selling out.

As a shorter you just take advantage. Maybe funds take advantage too if see a future weakness, and borrow stock for shorting.

But it’s all bull dude. It’s why i never understood hating a shorter. I’m only riding price of the pessimistic bull


LAST CALL was that you coming to HUR with your band of merry bears? Had all the hallmarks of you. Welcome my friend


No, it is the oil market stats/data that move oil prices up or down i.e supply/demand situation and consequently oil related shares and other instruments. The main reason for today’s falls are reported here : Oil Falls After API Reports Surprise Crude Build


If you read the previous report, youd have bought last night on the variables. Down near 3% today

Used to read all that hogwash dude. Means nothing. Money moves markets. And where money goes isn’t often rational… but that’s where she goes


In the short term that is of course true, but we long termers are not really bothered about the SP oscillations once we have filled our boots, they are expected and know that the directors will only sell if the price offered is a fair reflection of the ultimate value (They too are in it for the long run).

HUR has great prospects and is on track so the incessant posting of `dear man god’ is simply a symptom of his obsessive compulsive



Ok. But let me ask you this?

Can you name a long term bull run that wasn’t started by a short term bull?

And can you name a long term bear run thst wasn’t started by a short term bear?

What you call short term irrelevance… . Is where most institutions decide the longer term…

No oak without an acorn. Short term starts all long-term moves



We got the short term bear… a slaughter week to date. Up to you now to decide if that’s the seed of long-term or not



Well that was general. Very rational here. In sector and global macro terms


We transfer live to @Armageddon HQ…


Banging party, bro!

Ok. But let me ask you this?

Can you name a time when you managed to fit your reply into one post, rather than spam?


Party prep dude. Think your assuming im in UK today. I’m not. Not for a few more weeks too.

I dont have time to sit down and carefully consider a long laborious post.

I do tweet version. Trump style. Good enough for him… But you’ll probably find, my word count totals less than most


*You’re. Did/do I?

Cool story, bro! What makes you think I care?

You spend more time spamming. Then there’s the amount of time you spend replying to people’s old posts, after you’ve already replied to them. I’m trying to help you, bro, give you some insight, bro, but don’t attack me for it, bro.

And that works out so well for him given the amount of time he spends correcting/defending himself. Trollololol.


Think you will find , 98% of my posts here are replies. Not posts. And my word count far lower than most.

But lets focus on the important stuff. Made any money today? I’ve knocked out £11254 while replying to you all.

So that means, given you all use your time more efficiently than myself, you’ve made £35,000 since 8am

Well done I say


And you don’t reply to majority of my questions. Not like you to be short of something to say. you rattled, bro?