I found POS's explanation of POS Grip hard to understand



If I ever understood how POS Grip worked, I’d forgotten, and the explanation on http://www.plexusplc.com/products/pos-grip didn’t help. The explanation in the Telegraph from 2010 seems a lot simpler, http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/businessclub/7907200/Why-Aim-listed-Plexus-believes-it-can-change-the-oil-industry.html If I have it right, the outer tube is squeezed to grip the inner tube, but it has to be squeezed evenly or there’ll be distortion and spaces between the inner and outer tube which fluid will leak into.

Maybe it’s just me, and no-one else had a problem with it.


It’s also explained better in an interview from June 2014 on POS’s site, which I saw the minute after I started the subject. http://www.plexusplc.com/news-article/interview-with-ben-van-bilderbeek


Are you for real ???