I had a DREAM



Lloyds Banking Group

Will hit 90p plus in 2019

Everyone is a winner and cos every unloved 2018 cycle stock will fight BACK and have there day in the sun

bye bye bye to:


hello to :

Juicy Dividends
More BUY Backs
Full year 2018 update profits up up up

And regardless Pension fund Will be loaded

Everyone is a winner


So no-one cares, that I am going to double my money here with Lloyds in 2019



It’s supposed to be 85p, today.

We’ve been watching for a year.


You had a nightmare regardless…and it ain’t over yet.


I think the chance of LLOY reaching 90 p this year will remain a dream.
A rise of 75 % in a year?
Even if it does how are you going to double your money with a main buy at 65 ? Just curious.

Ending of PPI most likely already priced in
Loan impairments were up on last report, go could higher.

bye bye Brexit ?
The effect on markets has only just started.
Whether deal/no deal. 2nd referendum/GE.

Price action on LLOY is dire, downtrend is dire.




Blimey 2019 started well


This time next year Rodders…:wink:


Liking your dreams. Doubt if reality will be quite so rosy. Maybe by 2025 … ? Still holding at an average of 52p since the 2009 . Topped up recently at 51p.


Hi mmmmno21

Hope you are OK

At least I don’t hide away and disappear under a rock and keep my head down, while they nick my life savings

I swear, I will carry on fighting and posting until they taken ( stolen ) all my life savings and have nothing left, worth fighting for here

Other from that

I Still have no regrets buying back at 65p :wink:

My Lloyds Dividend will pay the way for me today


CB1, how does that work? Some time ago your average was over 60p/share. Somehow you’ve managed to lower your average to 45p/share…assuming you’re going to double your money when the SP hits 90p in 2019!

‘I had a dream’…does that mean your dream is no more…shouldn’t it be ‘I have a dream’?

Brexit is the elephant in the room that you have to humanely see off (IMO).



Your taking me far to serious honest :slight_smile:

Anyway my recent buying more here, I expect at lease 50% return on these short term / medium term


I know I said I wasn’t going to comment again until 30 June 2019, but, the Brexit thing maybe already factored in.

Reliance on fundamentals indicates a lack of faith in trend following. Why is there no price absorption at any level?


Investors gave no faith? I wouldn’t know myself but considering the negative news is only slowly being drip fed, to me it feels like a slow starvation. I feel a bad news day could just be round the corner right now and that things haven’t even seen the bad financial event yet for this cycle. But what do I know.


Do you joke all the time CB1?

I guess with the current state of Brexit and LLOY share price we all need a sense of humour.

But I’m still not sure what you’re trying to tell us…a funny joke or a sensible prediction on what the SP may do in 2019.

I believe you recently bought 4000 share at circa 49p, I’m guessing that you’re hoping for a 50% gain in those rather than your main holding…that still equates to a SP of 73.5p!


No it’s more fundamental. Price action trumps everything. When people solely rely on fundamentals, they are ignoring the most obvious.


But what is the most obvious that replaces fundamentals? Are you just speaking of the wider market movement?

And what about your own question of why there is no price absorption at any level?

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Hello S_C

I should not jump in with an answer to a question which was directed at macbonzo.

However, IMO, the most important factor is indeed price action.

Be aware of fundamentals for sure but what is the price.
How is it moving ?
In the case of LLOY, downwards.

How many here would actually read through and comprehend LLOY results and reports ? 100s of pages at times, HSBA put out a 500 + page report some time back.

It is somewhat easier to look at what the share price is doing.

Each morning I examine the prior days price action of anything I am trading or considering.
I look at and actually write down : Pivot point, day high/low, sp close, support and resistance levels.

I keep records going back weeks.
I already have a reasonably well defined plan on where I would enter, either long or short and exit levels.
Based on sp action.




My own opinion is the SP falls for Lloyds have been way overdone and assume the worst case scenario for Brexit. For years predictions on Lloyds SP have been for the SP to rise towards 90p to 100p but this has failed to materialise.

The facts remain that this is a company with a market cap of around £36bn & likely to make profits between £6bn & £8bn this year with a dividend in excess of 6%. This is a cheap valuation by any standards. Most companies with this level of profitability would have a market cap in excess of £60bn which would equate to a SP in excess of 80p.

Apart from Brexit not sure what has happened to market view to change the SP from highs of the 80p bracket down to 50p when the Bank has delivered on expectations?

I can only assume that markets believe a negative Brexit will somehow destroy Lloyds profitability?


i’m not suggesting anything replaces fundamentals. What I am saying that, if you look at the 11month graph on LLOY, what is the consistently easy trade? I really don’t care about the whys, what ifs. I see the market as an auction mechanism . Over the last 11 months every time sellers have entered the market the price have given way. For me, to enter a long, I would have to see buyers absorbing the sell orders and the price moving up for at least a week.

There is nothing wrong with buy to hold, it is just not a particularly efficacious way of making money.

The other thing, I would say, is that price leads news. When a market leader AAPL lowers Q1 guidance and economic indicators show slowing growth, I would argue that that has already been discounted - a 20% correction 2940 - 2340.

For me I will be buying both AAPL and TESLA, today. I play statistics and the stats are pretty great on 20% corrections.

But hey the BBC are talking about the AAPL guidance and slow down in Chinese demand. That’s what I mean when i say, I make money from dumb people.


@regardless i dont know about your dream - you should buy at these levels and average down
dont wait for it to go down any further