If its Oman / Muscat



Things might start to heat up.

Google translated

“It is decided that the commercial operation of the new passenger terminal will be on Tuesday March 20, 2018. All incoming and outgoing flights will be transferred from the current airport to the new airport on this day”

Own due diligence


One way - good find.

It has to be Muscat and announcement by end of this week or next to allow time for final planning etc.

No wonder the price coming back up. Going to look a bargain when the news breaks. No wonder the tiny placing was oversubscribed!! All aboard.


Opening date confirmed!!

Bring on the contract RNS


Some more interesting comments in the below link.

“Al Futaisi stressed the ministry and its strategic partners will now be able to operate the building, following final confirmation of its readiness through operational tests conducted in recent months.”

“The revamped Muscat International Airport is expected to have the capacity to handle more than 12 million passengers a year and 48 million passengers after the completion of a number of four-phase construction projects.”

Prticularly given these comments in the 22nd Dec 17 RNS

"Due to the complexity and increasing potential scope of this project, it has now been agreed to undertake the project in phases, with the initial phase expected to be worth approximately ?24m per annum to Westminster. Any future extensions and changes of scope are expected to be subject to price revision.

Own due diligence