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Wow, more good news!!!



I cannot show any respect when I have lost thousands on this one, originally tipped by Questor.


Lol, listening to tipsters is definitely not a sound investment methodology!!
Need to DOYFR, Plant, and a lot of it !
This one is a trader at the moment. Although if things go well from here, and you get the timing right, it might be worth buying a few and hanging on to them.
I’m doing both :-))))


Tipsters Prior… not sure if Quester / brokers who ring / share phrohets blog / or posters on interactive investor are the worse investment methodology.


We are only trading this amongst ourselves sending the price lower and lower. No new PI’s or II’s… yet. Let’s hope the share consolidation is part of the recovery.



I’m thinking the last of the convertible loan note valued at just over US$400k held by YA was executed day of consolidation , last Friday . Now that would explain the drop and tie in with YA passed usual run of the mill of selling their shares as soon as possible . They were tied to accepting 0.012p /share hence would have received fewer shares than if they could have executed at open market price but the good news was private investors such as myself were able to top up at very low prices .

With all the solid news issued via RNS’s last week then feedback from the AGM supporting a revenue stream near term from the western side of the Manica license area through sub-contractor agreements to process the alluvial material being signed it might just have been a tree shake by the MM’s . Not to worried since I’ve experience a similar downtrend with SOLG then owing to solid fundamentals an exceptionally strong reverse in trend .

That was gaping up almost daily for weeks shaking out traders and the reason I’ve a long term hold in an ISA account with Xtract Resources . News regarding the Western area of the Manica license being agreed with more sub-contractors will attract more buyers , even the knowledge this news is due will stir interest hence in my opinion time to relax , sit back and enjoy the ride .


Hi Prior
You still with this one ?
News today did not do much.


Bonds and Rates markets a different beast now. Strategies being adapted in 2018. Love to know how…


Still here R94 after a brief departure earlier in the year. Now on a fresh start a few weeks ago and straight back into loss after recent market falls.
Today’s news is interesting and reaction a little delayed due, I guess, to the late release of the RNS. But now +15% which is good, but a shame it’s from such a low base ! Still, at least my latest teacher is in profit, but I’m hanging on to it for now as there’s more good news to come as we move into 2019.
If I live long enough I might still see an improved bank balance courtesy of XTR :moneybag::moneybag:


That’s “my latest tranche” ! (That’ll teach me to proof read, lol)



I sold my latest trading , tranche purchase from 27 Oct of 350k shares bought at 0.6794p / share on 31st Oct sold at 0.851p /share . Making a cool £576 / 24% profit in just a few days after it overlapped 2 further trading tranches that are in profit but holding these for more news before letting them go . Yep , I’m lucky I can play with these trading tranches since my long term hold shares are under water stuck at around the 1.67p /share mark in an ISA account .

My take on the 25% increase in revenue from the Alluvial contract with Sino is until this was agreed with Nexus / Xtract / Sino , no further alluvial sub contractors would be employed by Mr.Colin Bird . The man himself being the stumbling block not the lack of alluvial operators wanting a chance to processing the alluvials . Now the alluvial revenue profits split has been agreed I feel news is imminent with just the signing on the dotted line by the three parties and other alluvial sub contractors needed to take place before an announcement . Remembering our recent RNS though only just announced includes a period of time several months back ,

I did several dummy buy trades of 350k shares after letting my last trading tranche go at 0.851p /share and though I made a tidy profit in onl a few days realise the Market Makers ( MM’s ) are walking the SP up rather than allow traders to profit . Final minutes of Friday’s trading I was being quoted 0.87p /share to buy my 350k shares back but that’s great news for my long term hold shares in an ISA account hence not to worried . I did realise not many Pi’s sold after the 24% gap up last week hence look forward to another fantastic week next week caused more by expectation now rather than hope . Whether it be an " update " from the Omina processing plant commissioning to be used to process hard rock from Manica other than fair brides area or another alluvial contractor signed up it’s all good news for us .

As for the gap ups they tend to feel like spikes but I’m only selling trading tranches into them hence I might end up with a smaller holding as we become more established as a gold producing miner but then the Market cap will be multiples of where it is now so I’m not bothered just happy to see the hard work done behind the scenes appear even if it’s real effect starts from months earlier .

I must also thank the constant negative postings done on a lesser Bulletin Board for last weeks profit . Yep , newbies along with the un-researched trader probably got shaken out by that constant negativity with no news for months but hey … that’s what happens with AIM shares . Be nice to read their positive posts in coming months whether under different usernames or not always a pleasure to read their posts … :slight_smile:


I thought teacher read ok prior … lol

Dragonslayer1ugh your trade above was @ a cost of £ 2,377 .
Topping and slicing wile keeping the ones in a loss is something i also do someone had a name for it .


30% rise here today to 1.2p …so long since i looked at this no idea what i had last paid .
I see 2.85p 14 Nov 2017 ( just read a post …placing @ that price ) maybe that was reason ?
I also see a sale @ 9p Feb 2017 maybe there was a consolidation and that is not relevant ?


20 % rise showing today , must of dropped off since last look today up to 1p


50 % rise today to 1.05p so must have fallen back last two weeks , only 3 mth high .


You missed the bit where it got up to 1.20+, Ripley. :wink:


Thank you prior
What was the spread and the highest sell .
And did you ? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Not sure ofspread but I got 1.20 on a Trading tranch I bought recently at .77 so I’m not complaining. Also set a limit buy for tomorrow to buy themback again based on the drop into the close (1.04)
Good luck, TP


Thanks for the info prior.
Well done , i take it you did manage to buy them back .