Institutional Investors!



Well that’s my 1p buywelland truly trashed! Serves me right for being overly enthusiastic. I might have known this would end up back in the bargain basement :frowning:



Your failing to realise this feels like a tree shake to me . With 0.89p /share real time to buy along with N/T kicking in on anything above 550k shares purchase request . It’s more likely the ( MM’s ) scrapping bottom of barrel triggering a stop lose or two .

We’ve news due on many fronts due along with certain share holders including myself holding percentages of the company . Aye , they be called sticky finger share holder for one reason , " they have a fair idea how much Xtract resources is now worth and it’s far more than what the MM’s would have you believe ".

Patience mate … seen similar trading patterns in 2013 … spike / drop back on very few shares / spike / drop back on even less shares / then super spike followed by uptrend to increase SP by 700% within 3 months …


Another spike of 23 % today my experiences suggest i should sell into it .
The high at midday less then the end of May one @ 1.17p
Put a limit sale in for all of them ( D ) for 1.2p
It lifted.
This one might be the exception and the one I should of held, we shall see.
Once held them in ( X ) all sold.

It was not an exception i must be learning lol
Down today but not that much .( 1.13p )


LOL … Up 10% today to 1.29p


Pity, I was hoping it would drop back into the 80s so I could buy my last trading tranche back :frowning:


looks like that 1.29p was the top it retraced back down off that again today .
Spread is 4% highest sale around 1.25p


Shows down 10% today but still 1.6p


Its making its way back down 1p now.
Rns @ 11am … gave it a little spike to 1.1p… but 2.5% down on day now.