Interesting business



Just made a small investment here. Interims look positive and if the financing is agreed as planned it could start a very profitable growth period. I also like the eco angle of renewable energy.


7% spread it has droped of about that much since your opening post.
Best of luck with it.


Muted response to very strong set of figures today although revenue growth had been well flagged


Any takers for this one? It’s on my homework pile.


Bought. Now I’m going to sit back and enjoy the 8% yield for the next 20 years…
Thank you RHI :slight_smile:
Cash for Ash. Not as lucrative as Arlene’s scheme, but OK.


err…8% yield? Are you on the right board?


Hi @cavebear

Yes, I bought the SPV, the last tap:

GB00BYVQM755 AMPIL2 8% (10.5% p.a. minus coupon)




Ahh - thought you were talking about the equity! Good luck!


No, problem. It is an interesting business.

The AMPIL2 is illiquid.

A big chunk of that income comes from HMG, so it’s a bit like a high yielding gilt with commercial risk.

Luck is good, but this is part of diversified portfolio. I’ll take it anyway :slight_smile:

Hope the equity works out for you. It should do over time.


One i passed on in Dec 2015 was 76p then.
Bottomed @ 54p Jan 2016 … 110p August 2017 and again Oct 2018 .
Back @ 70p now.


Bit of a bumpy ride then!


What bumps? :wink: