Are you still here izzy? Interims to be announced mid December and I think we can expect some excellent figures, Existing business doing well and the acquisition a few weeks ago will be earnings enhancing so we are told. It would not surprise me to see the SP press on to 80p+ over the coming couple of weeks. Any thoughts?


So you’re not too concerned about the change of ceo?



Yes I was but now feel that she is still CEO of 1PM and will continue to drive that subsidiary, with a group CEO now in place overlooking the two trading companies. As I posted earlier Maria is 1PM and I now see the thinking of the Non Ex Directors.


Thanks - I was a bit worried, hopefully news very soon.



Yes still in BOWOOD, Sold some. and topped up in African Potash and Metal Tiger, thought there were good times on the horizon when they moved into the new bigger offices, and increased head count, but very little seems to have happened, I just hope there will be some good news in the results.

Hope you are well


Yes well thanks izzy and trust you are to. Agree SP seems to be stuck in the 60p range but not for long me thinks. Last year there was the cost of move, more staff etc and of course two placings. This year we should see the benefits and the recent acquisition will be earnings enhancing. The update next week could be very positive and I would expect some good media feedback as a result of the merger. £1 in the NY but 80p in the short term.