January 2019



Corporate Presentation – January 2019 :thinking:

Happy New Year all! Here’s hoping Chariot will strike a nice deal on Brazil. :brazil::dancer::man_dancing:
Mutibaggerpotential :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: hehehe… All the best for 2019! :blush:


Hidden away at the back on the timeline it says Mauritania is now lapsed. I presume this is referring to the Shell option, which I guess Chariot opted not to go for. I would have thought that would be RNSable if so.

All the best



…actually they have RNSed an update on Mauritania a month ago.
11-Dec-18 07:00 RNS Pre-Close Operational Update


Thanks. Missed that as it was confusingly hidden under ‘new ventures’. As this was an old venture this was presumably to soften the bad news…