K shorted just over 10%



Some institutions who own K shares may be lending out ome of their shares to shorters.

It just seems wrong to me


Short trackers only show stocks loaned out i believe. They don’t account for Puts and everything else

So its 10% loaned out stock from institutions to shorters

They don’t tell ya that on their ‘stock tips’


You suspended again Last Call … what name now ???


10.74% of K’s shares shorted.


seems crazy to me people invest for( esperts) to make money grow not lend out at tiny interest so borrower can push the price down. if shares are over priced they should be sold not lent out.


They can push the price down certainly but the market makers are not stupid they know how to play these shorters, they know at some point they have to buy the shares back causing wild upswings. Also you create wild upswings the shorters face massive losses.