Last man standing?



Are you still holding on here robjohn ?
CMA all over news .
This was a suggestion by last call a bear poster who i befriended privately, disappeared mid December so no idea if he was still so keen after board room change.
I think CMA wipes us out ?


HI Ripley, sold half my stake yesterday, after the three different sort of news reports/rumours on Sunday then no uplift on Monday morning, i thought lower my risk, this one is definately just a gamble. And you?


I suppose i should really have said ‘lower my exposure’ because i still have the same risk.


And ‘Yes’ CVA ‘probably’ wipes us out.


hi rob thanks for replying , i have not giving this one a lot of attention as i have so many, but read little bits in press ect, it looks like the tip/ punt is not going to pay off.
Some positive views on ADVFN that seems the better chat site for info.
But its not all bullish.
Its heavily shorted no experiences with that but i think they need to close those shorts before bust ?
still hold all i bought.


RNS… And made news broadcasters… refinance deal.
Up 40% @ 8.30am .
They say buy the recovery not the fail must be less stressful .
Looks like Last Call … called this one correct after all… shame he has disappeared and shut down his city trader e-mail .


This is ‘some’ good news but still a long way from real safety
I hope Last Call called it right :+1:


Yes robjohn
I ques you have mixed emotions having half 'd you holding last week .
It was the sensible thing to do .
Did you ever come across Last Call / city trading ?
Crossed my mind i might of been on a mailing list and he was sending ideas to many.


No sorry Ripley, never knew Last Call. Bought back in today so still hoping Last Call’s, last calls a good one!


I’m out of this one now Ripley,
Good luck to you :+1:


That is a surprising message rob thank you for telling me, you posted you bought back in yesterday any reason for the quick change of mind ?


I liked tge news about the cash injection so jumped back in hoping not to miss the start of a solid recovery, but this obviously needs much more good news before it can be considered an investment, not a gamble. Down nearly 10% today…too risky for me.
Good luck Ripley :+1:


Interesting Rob when did you get in and out ?
I first bought on a tip from last call / citytrading in December 5.5p and again at 4.7p.
He did think it was a punt.
If anything i felt it was a better bet now then mid December ?
Considered topping up today .


Hi Ripley, on all transactions i was approx 10% down.


Looks like you called that correct rob back to old lows since.
I read Peel Hunts John Stevenson only thinks it takes away immediate pressure and says sell
Have they changed this site again my avatar and most others not showing against posts today ?I


Keep hearing news on LBC … not good.
Profit warning yesterday broker this morning saying he would not know which way to call it not enough information.
At lows of 3p
New lows today 7th March 2.85p


Interesting news for you to digest this morning Ripley


Yes robjohn5691
What do you think of Ashley wanting to put himself on the board to replace others ?
Its up 15 % i think to mid January level my break even is 5.08 .
This a tip from Last call !!!


Not quite sure to make of Ashley putting himself on the board not reallly come across that situation before. Hope it works out well for you! :+1:


Press reports regulators having a look after referred to them by the present board.
If he bids what might it be ?