Level 2



My hands smell of autosol :roll_eyes:

WINS is on the top of the Bid and has moved down to 220.
BMCM is on the top of the Ask @ 226.5

Brew time


The Chart that comes with my L2 has stuff on it that I can’t figure out so don’t use.

You can see the initial rise and at the bottom the Buy volume spikes associated with the rise

You can also see the Liquidity call by WINS & BMCM down to 221.5, along with the Sell volume spike of Sell Liquidity that was brought into the Market.

I first took the Quotestream Level2 off Interactive Investor but with ii’s Forum change ii stopped providing Level 2.
After a short time with the London South East L2, which was always subject to lots of outages I found Quotestream and took the L2 direct from them, and it was the best move I ever made.

That’s because if I have a question I can ask someone at Quotestream to explain what and why something happened, and aided by a Screencast, though there is a time difference, UK to USA, they answer pretty promptly and on occasions have phoned me to explain.

So though a tad wary the past weeekend, the help and explanations my Quotestream Rep has given me, is why I know a bit more, and I can read more clearly what is actually going on “inside” the Book and what all the movements mean.

Thanks to Quotestream for having the experts to explain my questions, I’m more assured that I’m readings of what’s happening correct.


BMCM has now moved from 226.5 and is back on the Bid @ 223p buying


WINS 5,000 @ 230 has now been bought and the Spread is 231—232

BMCM @ 233.5 may slow down or stop the rise

BMCM @ 223----233.5
WINS is now at 225----235


Bit cowd working ont bike.

BMCM @ 233.5 had 832 bought from him at 09.02.31

Spread 232.5------233.5 with BMCM on the touch

Brew time


BMCM @ 233.5 and the rest at 233.5 were bought out entirely at 11.03.36 and BMCM has appeared at 229----239.5 at 10.59.25

Spread 236-----236.5


Close . . . 229
Open . . . 223
High . . . .236.5
Low . . . . 223


Still rising
High 238.5p
BMCM @ 239.5


Gee up dobbin

At 14.07.23 someone placed a 188,888 on the Bid which took the Book to 364,572----122,493 … 44----38

Has someone got the whip out :joy:

woops, its just hit a high of 238.5


so many 8’s!
Shall we start another Chinese Takeaway thread?
It’ll be just like the old days once more


The 188,888 on the Bid was removed and a 143,780 @ 237 was entered at 14.42.58


BMCM untouched @ 239.5 on the Ask
The rest of the data you can see for yourselves.


100,659 of the 143,780 @ 237p on the Bid has been filled with 43,121 to go

IMO it has been filled by a DMM


Strange happenings

At 16.16.07 the remaining 43,121 @ 237 was removed and replaced with a 48,888 @ 237


BMCM @ 247 on a Liquidity call

BMCM sold up to his Ask price @ 247.5 and is no in a Liquidity Call down to 247.

??? Next stop 250p ???



oh yippee ! . . I was correct that the next stage of the rise would be 250p

At 10.29.16 BMCM having gained enough Liquidity from his time on Bid, returned to the Ask @ 250.5p, 3 points above his previous 247.5 position

Present Spread 248.5—249.5


There is a 11,863 @ 251, then a 13,677 @ 259 plus some smaller stuff inbetween the present price of 249 and 259, then we have a 20,000 @ 261, which would be for tomorrow in my opinion.

The Volumes are presently 1,253,713 which indicates some large Orders have gone through, and looking down the trade reports I can see several 60k, 50k, 40k and 30k OT buys have gone through.

So it is all progressing swimmingly and on target for 280 ish or higher.

As long as BMCM keeps selling some then buying some, “regurgitating” the AT’s, then the rise can continue

And me having bin out to buy some new Fork Oil, I can get on with the maintenance on my front forks.

Brew time


I can’t capture the top of the Book including the DMM’s in one screenshot so it has to be two.

You can see that VFIL is on top of the Bid so it looks like he is holding the price down while he Buys.
WINS & BMCM are at the bottom of the Bid @ 240 with WINS @ 250 and BMCM @ 250.5 on the Ask ready to Sell

So by the looks it we have VFIL & BMCM doing the Selling to the AT (CFD) traders (BMCM being the principle seller) and WINS doing the Selling to the O trades
VFIL 243.5----251 . . . 7.5p spread
WINS 240----250 . . . 10p spread
BMCM 240—250.5 . . . 10.5p spread

CANA, PEEL, INV & SCAP are all dormant.

The reason that 4 out of 7 DMM’s are dormant, is because GKP has a low amount of Share in Issue which in turns means there is too little Liquidity to be had for all the DMM’s to be working and earn enough.

But when and if the price reaches a certain price level, we may see PEEL and some of the other DMM’s appear at the top of the Ask selling for some of their Institutional Cliental

For every Buy there has to be a Sell


WINS @ 250 was bought and he has re-appeared on the top of the Ask @ 255p
BMCM @ 250.5 was bought and he has gone to 260.5 at the bottom of the Ask and moved to the Bid @ 248 to Buy
VFIL @ 253.5 was bought and he has re-appeared @ 257.5, and he is currently on the top of the Bid @ 249 buying

Close . . . . 248.5
Open . . . . 250
High . . . . .255.804 . . OT
Low . . . . . 249.90 . . . OT


Once more I have the smell of Solvol Autosol all over my hands

Spread 257----258 . . . mid 257.5

WINS @ 260 . . top on the Ask
BMCM @ 260.5
VFIL @ 262
20,000 @ 264
20,000 @ 266

VFIL @ 253 . . top of the Bid
Then its PEEL, CANA, SCAP, INV . . all dormant
And WINS @ 250 with BMCM @ 248

The bits I am seeing inbetween working on my bike are quite amazing to watch, and are quite obviously, after the recent orchestrated Liquidity calls to the high 160’s, once more orchestrated in a rise.

287,610----199,234 . . . still positive


WINS, VFIL & BMCM are presently all reloading on the Ask

Spread 253----253.5
LSE Vols . . 518,592 . . 282 trades

Front wheel off on Tuesday, emptied forks of Oil and replaced yesterday.
Today front wheel brake plate re-polished and now back on this morning
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