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Kalan & ToT

Things moving along nicely now. We seem to have taken out the 3.07p so let’s see where this is going to get to. By my reckoning we have a week or so to the Q1 results as the last couple of years have been around mid April, so should time in nicely before the Easter break. If we can keep some momentum up to the Q1 results, then with a good showing in them, plus maybe some guidance of where they think the Q2 are likely to be, and maybe we could be lighting the blue touch paper to get up to the high single figures!!

I can dream that it would now happen so quickly, but you never know, after all Ascent, a share which I had bottom drawered and mentally written off, has just gone up 150% in the last half hour of trading, and is looking highly likely to open with me in profit in the morning!! so anything can happen.

who knows, maybe FRR will be next!!



Well done on Ascent dk. Used to be in it years ago but it was sadly off my radar this time around. Noticed some nice late volume on WRES today though, so I will be topping up there in the morning.

JLP was long overdue a re-rating imo. All it needed was some interest from II’s and HNWI’s and we have both now. Some chart resistance to overcome at 3.8 and then it’s off to 4.6 where I would expect to see a decent pullback. Bank some profit there and then replenish at around 3.8p might be the way to play it imo.




Hi ToT

WRES up a bit more on opening so maybe that is the start of a gradual move towards 1p+ over the next two months. Was thinking that JLP may make it to 3.8p today if the momentum is carried from yesterday. Will have to see, or we could sit around current level to let RSI settle and then leg up on quarterly results.

Of course, news of a further deal from LC could blow it all out of the water and see us move up further, as now would be the time to do it if you want to get the SP rising further and faster.

AST just about break even for me this am, so will probably just sit it out and see if things now develop further there, as i had written it off anyway.



Sold one third of JLP due to indicators and increased WRES by 40% this morning now it has broken out. As soon as indicators look better on JLP will get back up to max investment - hopefully this Friday at latest.
Still waiting on SAVP but two break outs in two days will do nicely for now.


Well done Kalan, as you may have just got the early top on JLP, and we are now taking a breather, though I suspect that if you buy back in on Friday, that you may be paying more than you sold for. Time will tell, but top slicing if you are in profit is never a bad thing.

Not sure though whether WRES has truly left the station yet, but encouraging signs that maybe the guard is blowing the whistle. I think we may have a steady rise over the coming two months on WRES up to confirmation that La Parilla is fully up and running, then it should be a case of the SP moving forward more fully in Autumn, when we get an indication of the first full quarter of production.

Finally seem to be seeing some signs of improvement, but I am sure Brexit will see to all that!!



Kept two thirds of my JLP - but thought I needed more balance in my small portfolio.
As for BREXIT - that can is being kicked down the road until December - the EU has handled us well - the longer it goes on, the more fed up people get the less chance of us leaving. Parliament doesn’t want us to leave and neither do the EU and none of them care that much about Democracy - they just want what they want.
The anti-EU vote across Europe is going to be an eye opener for the politicians. You never know the United States of Europe vision may collapse before we even get out. What was wrong with a Common Market eh - no the politicians just have to keep on grabbing more and more power until the people smack them in the face. Hey ho - we will have to put off the rioting until Christmas- Civil war by Easter 2020. Meantime let’s make money and then stick it all in gold.



sounds like a plan!

I hope to goodness that May does not aquiesce to Corbyn the Trot’s customs union, as that would be the final nail in the UK’s coffin! Much as I detested Maggy, she had the best three words for the EU, ‘No, No, & No’.

If we do not leave this year, then it is my firm belief that we will at maximum have ten years before we are offered a further decision from the EU, and that will be ‘you are either in fully with the Euro as your currency and are part of the United States of Europe, or you leave’. At that point we would then be scrabbling, possibly with a few others to then set up trade deals etc. with the rest of the world.

IMHO Europe only has two ways to go. It will either collapse under its own weight of corruption and inability to take responsive decisions, or it will be forced to become the USofE. If it can get over the financial situation in Italy, Portugal & Spain (and not too far off in France), then it will survive the first obstacle for a couple of years, but then it will eventually have to become the second, so that governmental decisions can be taken more readily rather than having to go through ratification with 27 (or more) governments for everything. However, the only way for the US of E to happen will be for complete unification of all Currencies, all financial, economic, foreign and domestic policies, and in that scenario, UK will have to dump Sterling and go all in, or get out.

Unfortunately, there has been sod all real debate in the UK on this. The ‘media’ is a collection of either liberal or half-witted overpaid clowns, more interested in thier own vanity than actually asking any serious questions, or examining the long term ramifications for the UK of staying in the EU.

glta (we need it!!)


Couldn’t agree more dkok …Most people who voted remain are concerned with the ease of having holidays and not having to get visas, petty, personal issues …none I have spoken with have had the faintest idea about the Lisbon Treaty and the implications of ever more centralised political decision making … An economic union had some, but only some, merit … a political one has zilch as the wealthy countries cross-subsidise all of the poorer ones until we end up with a much lower standard of living, overrun by ill educated economic migrants…


Wow - I agree with you gotreal - there’s a first lol.
The EU was planned immediately the war was over - Churchill was involved and so were the Americans - the Americans have called it the European Project for decades - they knew what the outcome was planned to be all along - just the British people who were kept in the dark.
Churchill’s suggestion was that the German’s and French would form an axis that would run Europe (look who May had to go and grovel to) but that Britain would play no part in it. he thought it at odds with our culture and place in the world. Every time closer integration has occurred we are the ones who have pulled back (thank goodness we are not in the Euro). We made two mistakes - Major signing the Maastricht treaty and entering the ERM. Then Blunket agreed with Germany to take all the Eastern European migrants between us. he thought it would be 10’s of thousands. At the last minute Germany pulled out of the free movement agreement and Britain agreed to take the lot. Blunket has since admitted this was foolish to his credit. Why are we short of houses, why are we converting office buildings in London into death traps, why can’t I get a doctor’s appointment, why does my Grandson have to travel 3 miles to school when there are 3 schools closer to his home. Immigration - uncontrolled immigration. I have no argument with the immigrants, it’s the effect on the rest of us.
So on we go the EU is now telling us we can’t have a short extension, they are debating whether they will let us stay until December or March. they need our money, our military experience and our world clout. A German member of the EU on radio a few weeks ago said that Europe was going to be a new super power like the USA, China and Russia but the British have spoiled that dream with Brexit - there you have it, it’s all about power
There are 9 regions of England, 8 voted leave. The one that voted remain is 40% populated with people born abroad, they have parliament, the press, the bosses of big business and the top law firms. This one region is dictating to the rest of the country and our Parliament and the EU are treating us with contempt. They will keep is in that awful organisation unless we make them do otherwise.



You have missed a few items out.

The original post war idea was an economic common market to aid closer ties, whilst leaving a degree of autonomy. When the UK looked to join in the late 60’s, DeGaulle vetoed our joining, as he knew that the UK would not be an easy fit with the cosy French/German axis. We would question things etc.

Maastricht was the key change as this was the change from a common market to the European Union, seeking closer ties, greater powers for EU, stated goal to move to wards a common foreign and security policy, and essentially sowing the seeds for the U S of E. This also brought in free movement of people. Not in itself bad at the time with 13 member states who all had roughly (give or take) a similar economic profile (ie developed and stable).

We move on a few years and we get the Euro proposed and accepted by some of the member states, the UK abstaining. The European Central Bank is founded in Frankfurt and is based on German banking system. The number of EU states gradually rises, with every new entrant being required to accept the Euro as thier currency. The influence and control of the ECB grows with each new entrant. Remember Amschel Rothschilds quote ‘Give me control of a nation’s money and I care not who makes the laws’.

Enlargement of the EU to 28 countries brings in many former eastern block countries into EU control. Free movement however, means the start of mass economic migration within the EU by EU citizens that the UK is legally obliged to allow as we were signatories to the Shengen agreement. The Shengen agreement also makes it easier for non-EU economic migrants to travel through Europe unchecked, as formal borders are non-existent.

In 1939-45 the Nazi’s, ably abetted by the Vichy French, managed to invade and control 11 countries in Europe, and a total of 20 worlwide. The ECB currently has control of the currency of 23! Remember Rothschild’s quote! A certain state has tried to dominate twice by the gun, and failed, but at the moment, it has succeeded financially. (Remember Merkel telling Greece what it could and couldn’t do!)

A close trading zone with peace treaties is to be valued, but the European project has become much more than that, and really only can either fall apart (as all empires do eventually), or become a single entity. The USA became that single entity, but from a starting point where there was no long standing difference in the constituent population, as most Americans are immigrants all with the same ideal of forging a new future. The USSR was formed the other way via ruthless oppression of constituent countries.

The individual countries of Europe though have very different cultures and outlooks, and long histories of alliances and enemies, and whilst it is admirable and desirable to try to seek to avoid future conflicts, it is surely achievable without losing all national identities and debasing cultures, and having to form a U S of E.


Excellent summary dkok. I often wonder what our elders who fought in the wars would think of just handing control over to the Germans with the French as allies. It’s virtually impossible to discuss this with anyone as any mention of the Nazi’s gets you labelled as some sort of freak.
Let’s hope the European elections get a big turn out for the Brexit party to send a clear message that we haven’t gone away or changed our minds. The EU could do with a slap from the electorate but I fear it would just re-double their determination to get the project through. They obviously think they have just about got us back in the fold and just need time to pass before we capitulate.


Agree Kalan

You can’t talk about ending free movement without being branded a racist. Personally I have absolutely nothing against immigration, but it should be within the individual countries’ control. I have many European and world wide friends, and I value the input every one of them makes, but as a small island there is a prescient need to control the growth in population within the boundaries of what can be serviced by housing and public services.

If you suggest anything other than the liberal view of welcoming everyone, then you are rounded on as a racist or xenophobe. I do think we are letting down those previous generations that made HUGE sacrifices for us, and a large portion of the population are sleep walking into the future, dazed by thier smartphones and constant conection to social media. A real me-me snowflake generation, obsessed with the cult of ‘self’, and more interested in Joey Essex, Made in Chelsea or similar such dross, to engage in serious thought about the future of thier country. God help us if we do end up in a future conflict, because unless the criteria for fighting it is based on fake tan or eyebrow shaping skills, then we are all buggered.



Great interchange and debate Kalan and Dkok. If I could put 10000 likes on Dkok’s last post then I would as it really hits the nail on the head of today’s generation iPhone people. For what it’s worth both people in the Jaytee household voted to leave but our MP - Helen Goodman has blocked everything that Mrs May has voted for - mind you she is Labour. Just last weekend the windows of Goodmans office were smashed and whilst I abhor violence, she kind of had it coming. Apparently she said she’s also had a lot of hate messages on social media. Well I’ve checked her twitter and if those messages are hateful then maybe she needs to read the meaning of truth. Shame that our area is not voting in the local elections next month.


Agreed jaytee - dkok for Prime Minister.


Crikey JT41 & Kalan, don’t saddle me with that job! Just look at Theresa May, you wouldn’t think that she is only 27!!:rofl:

Seriously, If I were PM, I am sure it wouldn’t be long before I was being harranged by every bleeding heart liberal group on the planet, and Emily Maitliss/Koonsberg et al would be apoplectic!

What would be my platform, lets think:

  1. Control immigration via work permit system. No employer sponsored job, No entry. Re-apply annually. If you become unemployed during term of permit, no dole and after 3 months if no other work found, re-patriate. (if you think this is harsh, it is exactly what has been in place in Isle of Man for decades and works fine (less than 0.8% unemployment))
  2. No dole payments unless you have made at least 3 years NI payments.
  3. No dole payments if you are certified fit for work. There will be plenty of fruit picking and farm work jobs available. You do them or you get nothing. If you refuse those, then there will be many Govt. projects such as HS2 where general labour is required, so work for your dole.
  4. Crime - Zero tolerance. End to nanny state. If you offend you pay with your liberty. No prison for minor infringements but reintroduce the stocks and the pillory. a week or two unfed in the outdoors, with communal humiliation will do some a world of good.
  5. Crime - Reintroduce capital punishment for murder. Genital removal for rapists and Paedos should get thier necks stretched. Save the tax payer a fortune as it is a national shame that we spend three times more keeping convicted fellons in prison than we do on care for the elderly.

Well, that’s the start of the list, and I think you can see that I certainly would get social media twitching! My first action though would be to abolish Robert Peston. Surely the biggest waste of space in the UK!



Started a Wres thread under the WRES discussion board. I got in a bit late for the big rise that Kalan had but now I’m showing blue.


At a complete loss to explain what May’s game plan is. Yet to meet a remainer that can explain their position in any form of rational thinking. Couple of other thoughts:

Why do so many of the under 30’s want greater European integration when it leads to massive youth unemployment.

Why are the Irish so keen. Their economy relies on offering the lowest rate of Corporation Tax. What happens when all taxes are unified?

Oh, and don’t even get me started on the disgraceful coverage from both the BBC and Channel 4 news!!!


WRES on the move again jaytee.
Jstand mick will vote for you dkok - the manifesto looks great. Read it to my missus - a former Methodist Preacher and she doesn’t disagree with most of it. She particularly likes the rid us of Peston line - can’t they see that he talks so slowly because he’s trying to make it up as he goes along but isn’t bright enough.
All media in SE, all politicians in SE all fat inefficient large company bosses in SE - the tail is wagging the dog.
Lost count of how many times people have said to me - oh did you vote to leave, we voted to remain, why did you want to leave. Half an hour later they say - we didn’t know any of that. I ask them why they voted remain - the same answer always - we don’t know really, we just thought it was for the best, the EU pay for projects in Britain don’t they?


Getting back on topic I noted the recent sell off in JLP and thought I’d best seek some reassurance that nothing nasty was about to be sprung on us. Let’s just say that as a result of the conversation I have just taken advantage of the drop. Now bring on those quarterlies…



Hi ToT

Have just added 70k shares into my SIPP at 2.97p. Should have done it a couple of weeks ago before the recent rise, but I am comfortable that we won’t be at these levels in a few years when I will be looking to start drawing down a pension.