Lift off!



Jeez, I can’t do with anymore politics in my portfolio…


Surging ahead today, but still no news !



maybe someone has an idea of the Quarterly numbers


The news should be coming on Tuesday, and we are now so close to that resistance level at 3.8p that we should easily smash through it imo. Then it should be onwards and upwards towards the next stop at around 4.7p. I might top slice a few there, but certainly not before.




Nice rise this PM. The RNS from Cannacord this afternoon notifying thier interest may have given the impetous for this. Perhaps the MM’s have been working an order to get them up to this holding level over the past couple of weeks, and now they are loaded up, the MM’s are now happy to let the SP leg up to the next level and give the II’s thier immediate return, with the quarterlies due and possible other news there to help it on its way further next week.

All good imho, bring on the next few months!



Hi dk, I think Friday’s rise might also have been assisted by the release of LC’s presentation at the UK Investor show which is very impressive:
The slides he was using are also available here:

Have to say that he comes across much better on his own than in the webcasts he does with CB. Very focused, confident, and proud of what he’s achieving, with no bullshit.

This company is clearly going to grow its revenues and earnings exponentially and I think it therefore deserves quite a high p/e ratio. I’m therefore throwing my recent price expectations out of the window and buckling in for what should be a very exciting ride over the next few years.

Here’s to tomorrow and beyond.



checked vox markets app this morning and there are no rns at all for anyone. Checked lse and also no rns for the stock I follow. What’s going on…


Maybe there’s a glitch in the system jaytee, but who cares when the stock is re-rating? Looks like the II’s and HNWI’s are still in accumulation mode to me, with some PI’s taking profit as the stock hits a minor resistance level. We should blast through that in the blink of an eye if the quarterly figures are decent imho.


VOX markets have tweeted that there is a problem with their RNS feed and that they’re working on it.



It’s not exactly lifting off is it.


It’s a shame that the sp keeps dropping back in light of a good presentation. Guess we will have to wait for the next RNS or presentation, whenever that will be.


Well things seem to be stirring here again so I’ve added a few both yesterday and this morning, and we’ve now had a tick up in the bid to 3.20. The order book on level 2 remains heavily biased to the bid side so I have a feeling that we will get some news on Platcro, Kabwe or a new project next week and hopefully a proper break out this time with precious metals on the up.

Fingers crossed,


Here’s hoping ToT!

I think there has been a bit of backroom order filling and I suspect that further ii investment has been going on mopping up shares from any frustrated pi shareholders, or those traders that had got in expecting further rises on the recent momentum, but that have decided to sell and invest elsewhere in the normal herd way.

Either way, there does seem to have been a little bit more of a tick-up in the second half of this week, so hopefully you are right and there is news on the way next week to get the momentum going again.

Whatever, the ii’s aren’t having my shares on the cheap, they can pay the full value in a year or two, when we are in double digits.




A bot of an off topic here for Jaytee and ToT - don’t know if you are both still in VRS but to this very amateur chart reader there appears to be a massive head and shoulders pattern there with a break below the kneckline having occurred. This indictates that the share is heading all the way back to the 13p area. Now this doesn’t seem to add up with reality given the progress the company has made and I am probably misinterpreting it. Just thought I would run it by you two away from any VRS boards where my post would be set upon as a deramper I am sure. It would seem as though the share is entering a bargain territory but I am wary of the above mentioned pattern - any thoughts?


Hi Kalan,

The VRS chart is very ugly and I’ve been unloading my holding over the past month or two and adding HOC, BLOE, JLP and others. As I see it the neckline hasn’t been breached yet but it is very close and only a large commercial order will save it from freefall. That could well happen in the near future imho and then there will be a massive scramble to get back in, as others will surely follow.

JLP is looking poised for a breakout now imo despite only five trades this morning as there are five market makers bidding for stock and only one on the ask, so there must be significant orders in the system imo, as it’s been a long time since we’ve seen five MMs competing for stock here. Total bid size @ 3.20 is 1m compared to only 150k on the ask @ 3.40 yet some PI’s are still selling. You couldn’t make it up!


I’ve been out of VRS for a few months now Kalan - I think I mentioned it on the VRS board. The political situation with China isn’t all that good and I wonder, after the change in govt, how long the DTI will release their guys to Neill. All those MOUs etc and not one contract has me worried however, as ToT said, once they get the first contract running there will be a scramble for the shares.


Well we still do not seem to have achieved escape velocity despite today’s excellent update. Maybe everybody is waiting for a podcast or an updated broker note but for me the Zambian government’s approval of Kabwe is a massive milestone.

The big question is where is all that copper going to come from? We need some clarity on whether they are going to be toll processing for others or buying up tailings or a mine themselves. There is obviously a plan and hopefully that will become clear in a podcast. In the meantime we are stepping up production of PGM’s just as prices are starting to skyrocket. I think we are in the early stages of a new supercycle in various commodities and JLP should prove to be one of the big winners for the patient investor imho.



I concur… but they must have made the investments with at least two likely suppliers of ore; with economics dictating the preferences assuming the sources can’t easily be mixed due to inconsistencies on copper content. I would imagine that they would give preference to their own tailings but we should be told soon.

SP uplift will come when the work flows into actual profit figures.



Fully agree. The DCM fine chrome circuit is now contributing meaningfully to the turnover, as 5000 tonnes of concentrate is worth between $4M and $4.5M at current prices, so if we can establish this level as a run rate, then that is close to $50M turnover per year from DCM fine chrome alone!!

This is a no brainer in terms of rolling out the same technology for Hernic etc., possibly with equally positive results. Then we have Hernic PGM’s, Platcro and Eland, and that is before you even begin to consider the impact that Kabwe should have from the end of the year.

JLP really is now begining to look like a rather large moth which is just emerging from its Chrysallis. Within a few months it will have filled out and in 2020 it should be ready to really spread its wings and show us all what it is like in all its finery! Can’t wait.

My shares are remaining very sticky in my hands, and when a property sale goes through in a weeks time, they are going to be joined by at least as many again, as I am completely convinced that JLP’s SP is going into double figures in the next year.