Lift off!



Think this thread should be renamed lift down :o(


Opposite of lift off is lift on. Is it?
Fall off maybe.
Fall on?
Maybe the lift is off because it’s broken?
I think it’s more like hold off - no need to buy because the big news is a few weeks/months away - with an element of hold on - those who will not sell until targets are reached (me) the outcome is stalemate with a little rise on news and a little fall afterwards - hold on it may be lift off soon!


LOL - dragged you out of the darkness ha


Really need to see some profits in the accounts now, perhaps even some debt paid down… JLP is one of several companies I’m invested in that never quite seem to reach a stable growth position in terms of profit against debt.


Seems to be a transfer of stock ownership going on here with the large late reported trades today. My hunch is that Miton Fund have been selling down their holding to meet annual redemption requests (as reported on various other boards over the last few weeks). Today’s trades suggest that the rump of their stock has been snapped up by another II or HNWI. If so we might see some more TR1s coming through and an overhang that has been holding back the SP might be cleared.


Ties in with 6 monthly reporting - institutions wanting a quiet period to accumulate shares whilst news is limited. Shh - it’s a bargain - accumulating and then from October / November onwards a steady stream of news and JLP in profit.


I think it was just the overhang holding it back Kalan, albeit with some of the II’s or HNWI’s taking advantage of that, but now the brakes seem to be off and the TA indicators are pointing to more upside in the short term imo. A nice slow climb into the autumn followed by a re-rating when the financials are released in November would go down very nicely in this household.




Had a cheeky 200k top up this am. Rude not to at this price!



Indeed dk, and I would join you were my funds not heavily committed elsewhere. FWIW I have built quite a large position in LEK and am expecting some significant upside there over the next few weeks. Once that takes place I’ll slice some and add here, assuming the train has not already left the station!


Talking about the train, where is Kalan ? Not active on here or LSE. Hope he’s ok


JLP train leaving the station right now?


Very positive RNS out.

Now have 100%of Hernic with US$5.1m cost paid out of cash resources.

Good luck all…Mick


I think I must be one of many who missed the RNS as I’ve been away from my desk since this morning. Shows just how far JLP have come during the last three years though, and if the market doesn’t respond favourably to this over the next few weeks I think it’s time I gave up investing!
I had intended topping up today but seeing that my WJA was on the rise I piled in there instead. Still I’ve taken some profit on BLOE this week so I will try to add a few more in the morning. Unfortunately I’ll be on the road for a couple of hours at the open so I’ll just have to place a buy order and hope it gets filled.

Good luck all, our patience should at last be rewarded.



We seem to have ticked up at the close of play today so that we are now back to our 12 month high to close out the week. Very positive RNS yesterday which the most significant statement for me was that the $5.1M had been paid out of existing cash resources, which must surely point the way to where this company is now going.

The RNS is really good for JLP in the long term, and I think it may be only a short time before we get confirmation on the Chrome which would be the icing on the cake as far as I am concerned. I can see this as the last chance to get in before the SP seriously starts to rise, and I think Kalan’s previous assessment of testing the 7p plus high of a couple of years ago is quite easily acheivable, and we could even go to double digits if the results are good and other deals are announced.

I remeber two years ago that there were many calls for CB to back-off and let Leon get on with the job. I think that CB has done exactly that, as it has been a while since there were any of those cringeworthy two hander budget hotel room conference calls. Colin has gone off to try and progress other opportunities which may also link in to JLP, and has left Leon to do what he is good at. We are on the cusp of the delivery of the shareholder value now, the next twelve months could well be awesome for JLP and its shareholders.




Couldn’t agree more DK, except my candlestick chart shows that at the close today not only did the sp break through recent resistance, it ended on very close to a two year high. Looking at the three year chart I can see a very clear bowl formation playing out with the top of the bowl being the Tjate mining license spike at around 7.5p. That could well play out within the next three months or so imho.

Then if you are a fan of cup and handle formations I can forsee a sp or around 12.5p by the time the handle has done it’s stuff, perhaps in the latter part of next year.

I was on the road at 7.45 am and was dissapointed that the order I placed was not filled until 8.20 am. Later on I stopped in a layby and bought another small tranche taking my holding up to 1.5m. Must admit I was slightly disappointed at the sp reaction today but perhaps slow and steady is preferable to a spike and retrace as we move towards those all important financials next month.

Jubilee has now moved from a jam tomorrow stock to becoming a cash cow and the future direction is very plain to see. What a lovely thought to take into the weekend…


Leon also seems to be getting the hang of doing deals that enhance income. Delivery on projects is almost guaranteed with Leon the helm. Couple that with profitability and we have a rosy future.


Leon talking about how investors have not grasped the significance of the new Hernic deal.

And from 7.30 onwards he mentions he will be updating investors NEXT WEEK on the Windsor project (with a big smile on his face)

Is this the inflection point he was referring to.

time to top up or hold if you can. Defo not a time to sell!


Great interview and presumably recorded over the weekend, so ‘next week’ could be this week unless it was recorded this morning. Agree that anyone would be mad to offload stock now, especially with another set of financials to look forward to next month. I’ve added another two small tranches today in addition to the two last week.

Bring it on Leon!


JLP is steadily climbing back up again, after the decline due to the last placing.
Is there any news due to account for the recent rise, or is it just sentiment turning more positive again ?



A bit of both I think DD. Placing now fully absorbed and sentiment also improving on the back of rapidly rising PGM group metals prices, but an ops update is expected shortly too. Perfect storm if that suprises to the upside.