LLOY - Share buyback 2019



Buying loads more under 63p today :wink:


The buy back is paying for the bonuses disgusting. RBS is a better buy


Hi @regardless, That might pose a bit of a problem for the retirement plan though ???



PS Have you been watching one of your old favourites CNA lately ?. Down to 93.x today, yield almost 13% !!!. Maybe I shouldn’t mention it or you might buy back in !. Don’t even think about it… Mr Conn is the captain of a sinking ship IMHO…FW my opinion is worth anyway.


I have not posted an update for the past week since nothing much has happened. 25.7% of the funds have been used so far to buy 1% of the original shares in issue (i.e. when the 2019 buyback started). However with the new shares that have been issued we have actually only reduced the number of shares by 0.2%. We are still on target to get down to about 69.2bn shares by the end of the buyback, hopefully some time in August. The rate of purchases is behind the 2018 rate at this stage, with the gap widening, so it is possible that this year’s buyback will take a little longer.

The LLOY sp is moving in much the same manner recently as most of the other major Bank shares, although the divergence since the begining of the year is getting smaller.


Moral of the story the Buy Backs over the last 12 months here with Lloyds have had little positive effect on the share price and still way below the 68p mark when we started in the programme in 2018

Honestly was I hoping for 78p by now not holding onto a weak 60p range … its like banging your head against a brick wall and a little frustrating to be proved wrong

I am also starting to question the benefits of lloy Buy Back policy myself here, I was 110% behind any buyback scheme if we saw a positive momentum on the share price

So hopefully any surplus of capital in 2019 coming our way must be paid as a Special Dividend then Shareholders receive benefits they can see and feel/ smell the money… There is nothing seeing hard cash paid into Bank account , so far our buying back money ( shareholders funds ) just has been sucked into the hands / pockets of the Market Makers IMHO


Unfortunately it is always difficult to see what effect a buyback is having, especially when the amount involved is small, since wider global and economic influences result in far greater changes. It is also difficult to see any effect where extra shares are being issued during the buyback.

One must remember that without the buyback the extra shares being issued would have a dilutive effect that would normally result in a drop in the sp, so we have two effects working against each other.

The current buyback has taken 1% of the shares out of the market, which would normally be expected to result in a 0.6p increase in the sp, however the new shares that have been issued have reduced this gain to only 0.1p. The daily sp change has moved within a range of +1.48p to -2.26p since the 2019 buyback started, so one can see that any buyback effect is completely masked by external effects.

I would never expect the buyback, or the curtailemnt of PPI, to have a significant effect on the sp such that it outweighs the effect on the sp of external sentiment (e.g. Brexit or the effect of the US/China trade dispute), especially with such a small amount dedicated to the buyback.

I have read some articles recently that imply that it is more probable that any higher level of profits would be dedicated to a larger buyback rather than a special or increased dividend. I think we may see a nominal dividend increase, but the bulk of any extra funds available to be distributed to shareholders will be allocated to an increase in the buyback level. I believe this is being done so that they are extremely unlikely to have to cut the level of dividend paid, since stopping the buyback does not reflect as badly on the Company as a flat or declining dividend would.


5 years ago Lloyds went to 90p without Buy Back’s or paying Dividends and PPI was in full swing

Why o why we only 60p today I cry out loud


If one looks at the LLOY sp change over the past decade, then there is nothing to suggest that we should be a great deal higher than we are at the moment. I posted my view on another LLOY related thread that I thought we are unlikely to see the sp above 70p this year. We are currently back where we were several times in 2016. One can see that the sp had descended into the 60’s even before the EU referendum.

There does not appear to be a clear upward or downward movement, and for all intents and purposes we are just going sideways, all be it with potentially large swings. We are currently in a 20p to 90p channel, and are slightly up on the 55p median level. This covers the whole decade

However if one was to look at the period from 2013 then the channel becomes 45p to 90p, with a median level of 67.5p, which is slightly higher than the current level. Finally if one takes only the period since the EU referendum, then the channel is 48p to 72p, with a median level of 60p, which is exactly where we are now.

There are many external effects that are impacting the sp, and there is no clear indication which effect will have the largest influence on the price direction. A no-deal brexit, or a General Election, could have a severe negative impact, although the duration over which this will run is unclear.


Any thoughts on here as to the effect of the move to quarterly dividends?

Looking ahead it seems as if we are due a interim and final as normal this year - in sept 2019 & May 2020 - before moving straight into the first quarterly (albeit a 20% payment of this years total amount which is still TBA) in June of 2020 - ???


“”“I am also starting to question the benefits of lloy Buy Back policy myself here”""
Not sure there is one, given that it just about compensates for the management largesse - bit of a zero sum game.
It also does nadda to the derisking of the bank, which is still exposed to the UK property market.
Should have exited around the results time when it went above 65, I dithered.

Can’t see much upside as long as the US - China spat stays in place. It’s nowt to do with brexit before anyone gets all excited and jittery.

Oh well at least it’s only 1.19% of my wad.




Much more to do with Brexit in my opinion. Little exposure to world markets and almost completely UK facing. It sinks or swims with the UK economy. It has been very apparent over the months that as optimism has risen that there won’t be a No Deal Brexit, the sp rises, and when optimism fades, back down it goes.




My Take on the new quarterly dividend starting in 2020

Dividend Payment dates

First interim June 1p
2nd interim September 1p
Third interim December 1p
Fourth Final March 2p



Brexit Party now looking like that they going to walk it this Thursday

No Deal Back on

Parliament not delivered what they also voted for and promised the People to carry out the peoples will vote back in June 2016

Basically a complete mess … party politics / self importance


That’ll be bad news for LLOY then, Regardless?


Vote LibDem to save our LLOY,


fallen so far 67p to 59p

Voting for the Brexit Party

Lloyds Bank will benefit in the long run once we leave

Short term paper pain … long term gain IMHO

Opportunity to top up in the lows 50s again :slight_smile:


I doubt it. The Brexit Party vote, whilst illustrating the poor performance of the other useless parties, will make little difference.
We aren’t leaving the EU. I’m pretty convinced that all of this is a waste of time and we are all fooling ourselves if we think we live in a democracy, we aren’t.

Even if the Brexit party won a general election it would be ignored and the EU would just carry on as would the UK parliamentary illuminati. The decisions are made by major financial institutions that control the EU, and they subsequently control the national parliaments and the members within it.
You only have to witness how they change the rules as they go to suit their purpose - the EU issuing debt against it’s own mandate, the UK Parliament voting in favour of implementing the outcome of the referendum and then going against it as they are pressurised into it. The sudden change of the rules to stop no deal and stop any unconditional leaving of the EU, it seems as if it was inevitable now, however unpalatable.

Only force would remove the people running the system.
We truly are living in a very dangeous situation and the coercian for countries to remain in the EU will get stronger, more severe and more draconian and violent in nature.
The sad part about it is the ensuing economic decline that the UK is attaching itself to, will be long slow and purposefully engineered by the broken system.

Be careful what you wish for!
In summary I suspect that people can make all the fuss they like, vote for whoever they like, make a party a majority - whichever one you like - but the outcome will be the same.

Unless it starts a war of some nature.

Games - And Lloyds? – haven’t the foggiest - just make sure you are not holding a big position in it and get out before the housing market heads far south - the first decision is fairly easy - the second is just pure luck.


Sounds like you have been reading too many conspiracy websites Games. “Illuminati” is a dead give-away. The whole Brexit thing is a mess of the Tories’ making, particularly of the old “bastards”. The Tories are split every which way on this which is why May held an election in 2017 only for it to backfire and leave her in a worse position. If only she had not signalled a hard brexit approach in that election she might have got a majority but she put the people in fright and so they clipped her wings. Had the ERG and DUP supported her deal you might have had a soft Brexit that the 48 and 52% could have lived with. Error after error!

Meanwhile positions are hardening. The Tories best hope now is a second referendum as I have been saying for a long while. Otherwise they will be out of office for a long while.

All the best,



Ha Frog - I knew that would give you all a bit if a titter. Illuminati it is then lol!!!

Nice one there !

Dan Brown



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More Quarterly Dividend money to Me in 2020 :slight_smile:

BUY buy Buy in the swinging 50s Sir Antonio