LLOY - Share buyback 2019



Another week of the buyback has gone by, and 28.1% of the funds have been used now. The average price paid to date is 62.87p, and the remaining funds would buy a further 2bn shares at that price, which would take us down to 69.2bn, provided no further new shares are issued in the interim.

Today was the 17th day where ~£8.3m has been spent. The rate at which the buyback funds are being used is lower than in the 2018 buyback (as a percentage of the sum to be used) so it looks like it will take longer to deplete the funds unless the daily use is ramped up.


Blimey just goes to show how much Lloyds share price has dropped over the last few weeks

Glad I still have most of my dividend money to re-invest but its certainly been a poor few weeks

A personnel message to Antonio :

We going to have additional capital to be paid to shareholders in 2nd half of 2019… a special DIVIDEND probably is a better option of that buying back shares … shareholders want to see the money in the bank… smell the money

Coming to a harsh reality here Lloyds Buy Backs is just feeding the Market and the Staff Bonus shares sadly


You’d seriously reinvest div having seen that ?


Hi Armageddon

Yes Its additional money , sitting in the account, I don’t like sitting on cash and happy to pick up a 5% Annual return ( Yield ) here

Also I looking for 80p plus within the next few years seriously considering of clearing out for stocks and shares if I am honest I need a holiday :slight_smile: been here 10 years done very well, but may need a new Hobble , like stamp collecting I/O collecting Lloyds shares


Fair enough . Know what your doing. Just see many reinvest profits until ends up a loss. Never know when to stop.

Yes . Nothing like emptying out the basket and forgetting it all for a month. Great therapy


Yield 5%. Inflation around 2%. 3% isn’t bad these days still.

But capital risk here increased a fair bit. I think a 10-20% drop in the next year just as possible. Need a fair few 3%'s

I mean now. Not a reflection on your positions. Everyones Different in same stock


Yes but I got bundles of patience and don’t need the money, medium term / short term yes capital deprecation ( paper loses) is all part and panel of investing direct on the stock market

If I honestly believed if thought I never see 65p again, I would not be holding or buying more for that matter :slight_smile:


We just have different methods. But every market has risk. Every strategy.

Lloyds, take the 1997 500p. 2002 400p and then the 2006 300p prices.

This stock has a 22 year history of slamming dividend chasers with no regards for capital exposure

Ok 60p range today but still… Can do the same again.

I’m a big believer in capital protection 1st. Even if I had your strategy.


So my question is this. What’s the strategy protection for not seeing 65p again? (Ditto 500,400,300p buyers). Given those culls, No dividend can recoup


So my view is, treat paper losses as if real. They could vwry well be one day. I’ve seen enough in markets never to trust in dividend medium to long term


I agree 100% here

I am thinking capital protection in a few years when I can find somewhere that’s will pay me 5 to 6% Annual return. so in the meantime I park money savings here

Loads like me turned to the stocks and shares in 2009 to get a fair return on our savings

I have faith on Lloyds Banking Group to return a share price of 100p one day especially once we stop giving PPI money a way its cost over £20 Billion to date any other FTSE100 would of gone into Administration 7 years ago

NOT THIS Bank she is a money making machine, she is riding it out and still paying a Juicy Dividend to us shareholders

August cannot come soon enough its been a tough ride


I just take my Lloyds shares to the grave … I will give all to charity

I kid you not

its only money


Well i can’t say it wont return to 100p. Because I don’t have foresight beyond a quarter at best.

But bare this in mind… The city see falling markets as much good game for profits, as rising markets. For the serious funds and institutions, either market is fine.

So just watch out for them backing the bear market in Lloy at some stage. Because they could extend the time here for 100p by ten years, in one year.

Erode all dividend returns in one month very easily. It’s why i never reinvested div. Not giving it back to them lol.

Do as the income funds do. Build your position. Hold it for div for as long as price is above your capital input. And bail out back at that price.

They do it slightly differently.

They start to lock in some capital return as price reduces. Makes up for the next div they probably wont hang around for.


To the grave is fine. But i bet they will get hands on it there too haha


Anyway nice chatting going for a Kebab…

Its treat the Mrs night :wink:



Hope that means treat the mrs right night looool


Antiono is getting his money worth this time around :slight_smile: with the buy back

Less shares in 2019 = bigger quarterly dividends from 2020 for Regardless

Everyone’s a winner


Another week has gone by and they are sticking to using ~£8.3m per day. 30% of the funds have now been used, and the average price paid has dropped to 62.5p.

We also received a TVR RNS, with which I can check the accuracy of the shares in issue. Unfortunately this time I cannot get close to the number quoted when I apply the number of shares bought back and the block listing of the new shares to the number quoted in the previous TVR RNS. There is a difference of about 130m, with the TVR figure lower than I have calculated, so I will rebase the calculation by applying the TVR figure to the close of play yesterday.



I would have presumed your calculation of shares in issue to be lower than the RNS because the employee March bonus is allocated to share at the end of May / start of June.

Assume bonus shares of approximately 5% of payroll.



Just done my tax returns today. Not happy with the extra tax payable on dividends over £2,000 and interest relief restricted to 20%.

Need to switch my dividend paying shares to my ISA and Pension portfolios and non dividend paying shares to the normal trading account. The costs of these switches 0.5% stamp plus two dealing charges plus bid/offer spread.

Could consider selling the dividend paying shares to repay the mortgages. I will to work out the effective dividend yield with guaranteed return = mortgage rate + (extra div tax + extra finance tax) / value of shares sold.

Would need to consider dividend cover to factor change in share capital value which can either be up or down.

This coupled with the restricted letting finance to basic rate tax relief has considerably increased my average tax rate and marginal tax rate well above 40%.

As my investments use up all the personal and basic rate tax allowance, I also get clobbered for 40% tax and 12% NI on all PAYE.