LLOY - Share buyback 2019



This Second buying back is called

SECOND TIME LUCKY Folks :slight_smile:


Hi All,

Well FTSE up 0.93% but LLOY down about 1% today, buyback or no.

Think my portfolio is suffering from a bit too much geographic diversity, £ has been strong against many other currencies outweighing otherwise positive share price moves. Particularly the the Euro. Oh well…




Pref - I see on my screen the Index is up 0.75% and Lloyds is up 0.72% – so they are pretty much inline.


Hi Games,

Yes I think that the gain / loss figure on was wrong when I looked at it earlier. But it’s saying it’s UP 0.5% now with FTSE UP 0.7%. Looking closer it almost made it to 64p earlier by the look of it.

Sorry for the earlier error.




Hi Bowman,
The £1b buyback was worth 1.4pps in Divi yet it increased the EPS by only 0.1pps. leaves me wondering if buybacks are better than a higher cash Divi?


Not sure what happened to my earlier reply but just wanted to say that the £1b buyback was worth up to 1.4pps as a Divi but as a buyback it increased the EPS by a measly 0.1pps. makes me think the Divi option would be better than the buyback…?


The£1b buyback was worth up to 1.4pps as a Divi but only increased the EPS by 0.1pps (page 26) 2018 published accounts.


Average buy back today must under 63p. nice


Hi BM1,

Has the “suspended” thread been taken down?




The volume weighted average price paid per share (pence) to day was actually 62.95p. The buyback is ticking along at an average daily level of 11.56m per day, at which rate it will take until the end of January 2020 to expend the whole £1.75bn.


Thanks Bowman

We want to BUY as many below my average ( 65p )

Then it’s costing me man


I am happy for the housekeeping to continue beyond 65p. I think that the thinning out is good housekeeping.


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House keeping ?

No servants in Britain we are all skint

Lloyds shares holders JUST WANT to gobble up shares below 80p before we start seeing the PPI money to return to us owners £22 Billion crikey


PAIN PAIN to us lloyds banking group shareholders



technically share buybacks should have a broadly neutral effect. Fewer shareholders to share the divi pot should result in bigger divis for all remaining holders.

On PPI, it sounds like you are in denial about the scale of mis-selling that took place and the very low payouts in comparison to the premiums taken by the banks. It was a scandal which is why we have been shelling out compensation. Those who were shareholders at the time of the mis-selling reaped the benefits in higher dividends. It is time to get over it.


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Did the banks( specifically LLOY ) make more in premiums than what they have paid out in compensation ? Genuine question, do not know the answer myself.
If so it worked to the bank s benefit.




regardless - my wife expects me to be the house keeper - sums it up really.

Games - - servants (I wish).


I met someone who worked at Lloyds a while back , a senior figure, at the peak of the compensation payouts; he’s still there now in the same role. He claims that “A loan wasn’t a loan, unless it had PPI”. Brash as you like.

That’s the kind of ‘dishonesty’ you get when senior bankers drive huge pressure down the hierarchy onto more junior front-line staff to ‘sell’ things that have huge margins for the bank. I don’t hugely blame the front-line employees who know they will get a ‘fail’ on their annual contract, possibly a disciplinary, unless they hit the allotted targets.

Sadly, despite the huge impact on shareholders, many of the actual staff got away scott free and continue to do so.


Hello Froggie, I’ve had dozens of various types of loans over the years I was asked many times did I want PPI I said no thanks as I had a life assurance in place to cover any redundancy or death to cover all my personal Debts

Not once did Bank clerk / cashier behind my back ticked the yes box once I left the Bank

Maybe I was / am just lucky in life :slight_smile:


I rarely took out loans but when I did I always refused PPI as it seemed an unnecessary expense in comparison with the risk. As we can see fro the cost of the compensation bill, many more were not as wise as us. I think Old Eyes post above says it all about the cynical attitudes of banks at that time.

Even though it is costing me as a shareholder, I think that the compensation programme is the right thing to do.

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Anyway we agree to disagree here…

share price dropped so eating machine having a good day :slight_smile: