LLOY - Share buyback 2019



Even if you had a genuine need for PPI, it was still mis-sold.

The T&Cs under which any of them would payout were pretty restrictive, they would only payout for up to 3 years max and even in the worse case of being made unemployed, Housing Benefit (for which customers were paying National Insurance anyway) would pick up the tab until they could get another job.

Even if the customer took it on willingly and with full knowledge it would have been mis-sold.

PPI has been done to death on here, and fortunately there is now some light at the end of the tunnel.


Yes only 6 months left

Without PPI, Brexit

life will be back to normal right ?


Back to 100p like it was in 2009 :wink:

Blimey it’s only taken 10 years


What’s normal, @regardless?

Normal never exists. Who wants normal anyway?


I see that the LLOY sp is down by 1% at the time of writing (09.44). Any views as to whether we might see a significant fall back from 62/63p following a very strong rise since the start of the year?

Frog in a tree



I think it is not unusual for a share price to fall back after a strong rise.

Markets seem to over react both ways.

Some who may have bought when the sp was all so briefly sub 50 could be banking as with those who bought at 52 - 57 which was also available recently.

63 + also a strong chart/technical level.

Some will just trade on that basis.

LLOY seems to be struggling more than the other 2 banks I follow/trade, BARC & HSBA.

Political uncertainty a factor also IMO.




better hope it keeps munching up those sell orders…


Hi @regardless,

Better for the company if the price stays low and they can buy back more at a lower price I guess ?, but then you dont benefit from any increase in the share price.

Obviously if your average is 65 then you are still underwater ATM, but breakeven approaches !.

RMG 265.x today. Not so good…

My LGEN has taken a hit today. Results days, always russian roulette…missed some analyst expectation again.




But otherwise LGEN report quite positive with an increased dividend.


Frog in a tree


Hi Frog,

Yes I’d agree with that, from what I could see scanning the results. The odd negative.

As I said in my post to regardless, its the classic results day experience though - looks pretty good, shares tank. AV. being dragged down with it by the look of it ?.

Never mind, tomorrow is another day…




Dividend Dividend Dividends :slight_smile:


…but RSA up nearly one percent. A mixed picture. I think we can relax about LGEN.




So LLOY bought shares yesterday at an average price of 62.95.
Current sp 62.37.

They cannot even buy their own shares at a profit.
Brilliant bankers/not

Should have paid off debt instead.



Hi @soi,

Yes but thats largely a consequence of the buyback being a purely mechanical process isnt it ?. They buy in a pseudo random fashion distributed over the whole day (from what ive seen with other buybacks). And they have no way of telling what the share price is going to do ahead of time.

Isnt the real objective to reduce the share count ?.




But we have bought at a lower average today :wink:


I for one don’t want the buy back to buy above 65p just for personal reasons well not before ex dividend date anyway


Hi @regardless, So why is that exactly ?. I’d have thought you’d want the SP to get to 65p ASAP ?. Or are you thinking of using the dividend payment to buy more shares - is that the idea ?. If so you’ll have to wait till the 21st May to do that, that’s a long way away…




Soi, You win some, you lose some – still maybe we will see 70p again who knows?
The thing in the back of my mind though is when to get out of this completely before the European banks hit the skids which is looking more like a racing certainty every single day.
Lloyds has that to worry about as well as a rapidly declining UK property market.
Is it also sitting on a raft of company zombie loans?

Games – give me 70p and I’ll sail off into sunny lands afar!


Hi Spreadsheet Pref

How are you mate, I love the way you mention my Royal Mail Shares , its keeps me focused, that even the best can call them wrong sometimes even though the Dividend Yield as today is massive so its a bottom draw club share for now

65p is my original average even though I been buying all the way down in 2018 into the 40s

Its very easy for me to sit my hands on a losing trades its when I see profits flashing again on all trades I get edgy

I really want this 2.14p Dividend in the Bank Account in May, before I see all them Lloyds Share Top up Buys, lights flashing :slight_smile:


Hi @regardless,

I’m OK I guess, wish the weather would perk up a bit though !. I dont even fancy going for a walk much when its hissing down with rain…!

Better cross all your fingers and toes if you hope to receive the RMG dividend. Not due till July and thats a long way away and lots of pundits think it could get cut, see below:-

Wish you luck with it, as always !.




Yeah where’s Vince Cable when you need him I say…

Royal Mail Group was supposedly cheap as chips on the 330p float a few years back

Pref, its not a massive investment £10k ( was a little side bet to be honest ) so happy to hold on for one better day

Anyway we in safe hands the Government still hold a large portion of the business and happy for them to buy back mine and give me a fixed rate Government bond for my shares at 10% Annual return

EVERYONES A WINNER :slight_smile: