LLOYDS is going to FLY



Over the next few months


All the noise is turning positive IMHO now

We all March together shoulder to shoulder fellow Black horse shareholders


Hello Regardless,

The mood music is right with the EU suggesting that a Brexit deal is in the offing… if so then a hard Brexit seems less likely. LLOY needs a bit of good news and this might be an indicator of better times ahead. I have about 8% of my portfolio on this Black Horse and some good news would be welcome!




You know froggie all good things come to the patient investors

I really want the final dividend here anyway whatever :slight_smile:

I’ve Actually gone right off share buy backs now

Funny that



It’s going to be

HAPPY HOUR AGAIN :slight_smile:


Don’t expect it to happen 18th October Bob.


What time is departure ?


2029 at this rate :wink:


FTSE Green, Lloyds kinda Redish…


Helping Little Britain Prosper. ROTFL


It is flying, just downwards, down 1.48 % against the FTSE 100 down just 0.18 %.

Ramping does not work.


I recall way back in Q1 2000 on the old Hemington Scott forum someone posting the Maximus Decimus quote:

“Whatever comes out of these gates, we stand a greater chance of survival if we stay together”

The company? Info bank

Hero’s die young. “Go to them”


Time to fasten the seatbelts I think.

There is really no telling where the market is going. I ain’t clever enough to know the peak and trough so I will do what I usualy do which is to sit tight in the knowlege that the good companies will survive and the money will flow back. I shall continue to reinvest divis and invest a little more on a monthly basis.

Anything could happen… Maybe Theresa will get a fantastic deal that saves British business and maybe the Italian economy won’t collapse at all. Maybe we will see the end of austerity and maybe… well maybe.


Frog in a tree



I much agree, however much I wish it could be otherwise. More downturn seems very likely in this climate, before meaningful recovery that can also be consolidated.

As I wrote earlier with regard to some of my other steadily falling stocks on another forum, rightly or wrongly, what seems very apparent is that markets are increasingly pricing in either a hard Brexit, a potentially very damaging “no deal”, or another early GE. In any of those 3 outcomes, further downside seems far more likely than not.

These are very challenging times, financially & otherwise. Certainly not for widows or for those who have invested funds that they may need for other purposes anytime soon. Things could get very ugly, very quickly!

But of course I could also be wrong as a big part of me still thinks a Brexit deal seems likely to be done from strong mutual interest. That’s unless hard Brexiteers decide to put their own interests before that of the majority of the nation. That of course still leaves a huge question mark to be answered over the next few weeks, hence some sectors seeing increasing outflows.



You must concentrate on the positives like the healthy dividend now been paid here

No good moaning all day

Shares go down
Shares go back up

Look beyond the short term noises and stand tall



Very much my thoughts too. Much as I think that Brexit is a very stupid thing to do, I reckon that money talks and that the pressure will be on politicians with more than half a brain cell to keep trade flowing.

We have to hold on to the fact that the ERG and JRM are in a minority in parliament…a biggish minority in the Tory parliamentary party but very small in parliament as a whole.

Also Nicola Sturgeon’s 35 SNP MPs are highly disciplined and will vote as a block and as such they have power in a hung (ish) parliament.

The SNP could hold very powerful cards to determine the direction of Brexit. We shall have to wait and see.


Frog in a tree


Hi Regardless,

In less extraordinary circumstances, you’d be wholly right. One also understands why some investors may prefer to downplay certain possibilities with their stocks. Some of it can make for uncomfortable reading.

Indeed as you say, shares go up & down. No-one would disagree with that. However, a few scenarios that some are postulating on these BBs also include the real possibility that Brexit could see a “no deal” or even this govt fall. Either would be quite serious. A Corbyn/SNP alliance in govt may seem unlikely, but it’s by no means inconceivable.

As you can imagine, that would see huge outflows from UK markets & all of us holding various stocks, including banks, could kiss goodbye to previous profit targets for at least a few years.

I agree perspective needed. But that doesn’t mean becoming totally indifferent or complacent towards certain realities & risks to markets. Moaning, as you put it, has little to do with it. :wink:

FWIW, what made me many times more angry today & which will undoubtedly linger within me well beyond today, was reading the report below. The real figure is likely to be far more than 449. Now that really is a “national scandal” as one executive of a homeless charity quite rightly said.

But still life goes on & for those of us involved in markets, the head in the sand approach isn’t suited to everyone. Though I’ll hold this 100% for as long as it takes to see targets, IMO, it’s only healthy to consider various challenges that may crop up on the path to reaching that goal.



Little story here suggesting we are on the brink
IMF: ‘Dangerous undercurrents’ threaten global economy


A well reasoned article.

Thanks for the link




Just for you Regardless


Thank you :slight_smile: up tick for that man