LLOYDS is going to FLY



You have not been looking hard enough.
Plenty better returns out there.



51 will fail soon



Here’s one


Divi are the only appeal at this point for LLOY
I dont know how and if they can guarantee Divi coming in future.

But if its around 2% then LLOY will be something one can hold in low interest scenario.

Everyone expect it to dive down
But before people start buying LLOY
They will wait and see how low it goes

30s would be a good buying point
could easily happen with no deal


Also Lloyds Banking Group Bill Boards are by far the most popular and loved with both traders and investors

Feel the love man …


LLOY currently up over 3 %, best riser of the banks I follow.
Actually highest riser of my trading watch list.

Good for shareholders for now, except if one re invests divi today and then it falls back.

Tough call.




Surely this is an example of dividend re-investment pushing up the share price - just at the wrong time for investors looking to compound their returns?

This is a theory I’ve had for a while, although I’m the first to admit that you don’t always see such an obvious impact (or any at all).

I still believe it must have an impact for a day or two on or after divi payment date. A phenomenon that should be eased in LLOY with the return to quarterly divi payments … but that can sometimes make a DRIP reinvestment for smaller holders uneconomic .


Bulletin boards, matey. Bill boards are for advertising … hmm, given your recent comments perhaps this isn’t your dyslexia kicking in! In which case I’ll just take the opportunity that no amount of ramping by private investors on these boards will have any impact on the LLOY price.


That is what I think.
The rise could well be short lived.

I am net short. Could be wrong



Net short at 6.5% return on Div in todays atmosphere …….Mmm?
However, you have called the SP on the money for ever ….but this is a tough one.


Hi Eadwig,

IMO, there’s more to it than just the DRIP. All UK-centric stocks well up. For eg. my CNA & SBRY. Also banks like BARC. This seems more to do with the risks of No-Deal slightly diminishing. It could fall back, but today’s rise is in tandem with many other UK stocks.

FWIW, according to ii my DRIP option for LLOY will be activated within the next 2 business days. It’s not gone through yet. That may be similar for most ii clients. Note that ii are UK’s 2nd largest broker by far.

Catch all later as out until later afternoon. - Regards.


It is a high risk strategy for sure.
The yield/divi does not matter, I can go market neutral just prior to any ex D day, sometimes I do, other times not so.
I just think the spike is overdone.

As always, could be wrong



No deal slightly diminishing you say.
Thought Lloyds was priced correct either way…Again Mmm.
More for us to think about


“Spike overdone.” Yes, could be.
But then we have the price that reflects long standing downturn and on the other hand we have the trend …albeit in great modesty by vague statements from IR.
Interesting to note Barc, & M.S. have LYG at 75.0. What do they know?
Respect your record.


The increase in SP has very little to do with DRIP. Not even convinced it all happens on the same day and I expect many people use the dividend as income rather than reinvest.

The whole sector is up and up around the same price with the exception of HSBC and as I’ve already said BARC/HSBC can’t be compared with LLOY - there is a lot more with the former 2. I watch about 20 stocks across the exchanges and all are green except 1 yet the FTSE is down


There is every sign that the Johnson government have now been shown the true figures of a no Deal Brexit and are back-pedalling as fast as they can.

However, that doesn’t mean to say they may not have backed themselves into a corner. The economy is in big trouble if a No Deal happens despite HMG addressing some of the more obvious long term issues, like the £0.5Bn p.a. lost from the R&D sector that the EU poured into the UK making it the biggest R&D centre of Europe. That’s just the Horizon 2020 money HMG have today promised to replace (never counted in the net ‘costs’ of being an EU member, by the way).

If the economy is in big trouble, then the local banks are in big trouble, and Brexit with a deal is just the start of a minimum of 5 years uncertainty.

The withdrawal of the UK from Horizon2020 has already seen many cutting edge job losses in the companies that are supposed to be ensuring the future of UK PLC. The new policy of increasing immigration to fill the jobs in such companies is also another sign of realisation dawning, but it is way too late for many already.

Brexit is a huge negative for LLOY for the foreseeable future, but none of us yet know if we’re looking at 5 years or 15 years of uncertainty. Nor can we calculate the loss to the economy of the UK falling from the G7 economies along with loss of international respect.

I’ve been astounded by the number of investors on these boards that have welcomed this situation as a price worth paying for Brexit. Still, I can accept that some people may hold such views. What I can’t understand are those who have those views and then invest in a UK-centric bank (or other business wholly reliant on the UK economy).

It seems like madness to me.

Just think, if Brexit were cancelled tomorrow LLOY would probably put on 50%. in a day, returning to the price it was the day before the referendum campaign plus some with the end of PPI in sight.

That’s certainly something for you to think about, @rossx48, perhaps some others too.


Thank you…but ….BREXIT is secondary to our interest in the everyday Lloyds value and return.
We see Lloyds as having covered all its bases…and even more by looking into the future.
Most of us here are humble investors; SICK of the never ending Hacks getting red faced over politics
UK. a place that for all our misgivings is still home


Will I ever get an answer to " who is we " ?

I think J_W was correct in calling you a loon.

Can you even say whether you have a holding or position in LLOY ?

How about being open ?



Probably Ross… and the voices he hears in his head.


He certainly has an individual and rather eccentric style. Still, all views are welcome.