LLOYDS is going to FLY




Call on opening price just 20 % or so out though.




Indeed, I think that Regardless was having a chuckle. However, the receding possibility of a hard Brexit has supported a recovery in the LLOY sp. As we now have no viable plan it looks as though we will have to buy time with an extention to Article 50. When this happens I think we will see 60p pretty sharpish. The bargaining power has even more decisively tilted towards the EU and they have little incentive to grant concessions to facilitate a Brexit that will be damaging to all parties. Looks like a BUY.


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I do agree that on an announcement of an extension to Art. 50, LLOY sp will spike
2nd referendum ? yep, could see 60 + for LLOY.




Yes Brexit is dead. I think the market was ahead of the game on that. What yesterday demonstrated was TM will not get “her” deal past, Labour are in disarray and a 2nd Referendum will happen at some point.

I think looking at the broader market, you have seen Lloyds consistently outperform the index. From here on, I think much will depend on whether we hit a final high in the indexes or whether as we approach the 50/60 Fib retrace (of the correction), we go back down.

If you can get to 63.8 on Lloyds by 30 June. I will eat as much humble pie as you like.


Strange expected a continued uplift in SP this morning after last night vote. O well will just have to wait.


Why, the US futures are off.



Among the Brexit turmoil in parliament Philip Hammond has indicated that “no deal” isn’t going to happen. The FTSE is down about 0.5% and LLOY is down just 0.1% and so it continues to outperform the index. When we get news of a second referendum or cross party agreement on a softer Brexit deal LLOY may well fly.


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The giveaway is that Sterling is vertical at the moment. You really need to buy now IMHO and not wait for confirmation. By the time you have complete clarity the move is done.


This morning, again, LLOY is outperforming the FTSE 100 by being up 1.37% against the index’s rise of 0.84%. The market seems to believe “no deal” is not going to happen.

Regardless will be chuffed.




Glad I pulled the trigger at the start of the week! Topped up my personal holdings and also bought some for my SIPP. Not quite the 33.xx I paid when I used to contract at Lloyds and bought on the back of Antonio ploughing in but hey! :slight_smile:


Shorted at 57.51. We have had 16% rally and I think we need a consolidation. Stop 59. Target 56.94, 56.4


Risky bet I feel to short this stock. It is clear Lloyds are significantly undervalued with 1 of the lowest PE ratio in the FTSE. If Lloyds makes £6 to £8bn this year as expected a market cap of £60bn+ would be more in line with these earnings providing a 50% uplift on current SP.

This not fantasy talk as there is no doubt that Lloyds is in a far far better place than a few years ago when the SP hit 89p. PPI is almost over & providing there are no more significant issues in the closet this will mean additional cash to either distribute to shareholders or buy back shares.

I predict a continued gradual rise up to results day in Feb but who knows with this stock market.


The risk is defined. If the stop is hit, I won’t blink. Part of the process.


This morning LLOY is underperforming the FTSE100. It may be just taking a breather or, in my view, reflecting diappointment that Theresa May is ploughing on in an attempt to bolster support for her unpopular deal by pandering to the hard Brexit brigade.

I just hope that the Commons stops her in her tracks.

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It’s MLK day. US public holiday. Poor liquidity.


60p next stop :wink:


Lloyds Update I personally predict 65p plus

2019 will be life changing here for me


I’ve ridden up from 51.3 to 56, watched the commons discussion yesterday plus the recent Libor case , given the ambiguity until 29th have heavily shorted from 57.9; heading for 1st gap up at 53


Looking at LBG today they seem to be doing better than other banking stocks. Barclays/RBS/HSBA all down 1.2+% compared to 0.5x% for Lloyds.