LLOYDS is going to FLY



FTSE100 doing worse today that European and US markets. Could it be because of Theresa May’s refusal to change tack on Brexit? I suspect so.

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Nice entry, already in the money.

Just curious do you place a " protect stop " to retain at least some profit or hold out for your target and ignore the short term moves ?




Hi Soi - I always use a Stop to protect my equity; that placement is based upon how much movement typically happens within the market given the timeframe i’m trading or the technical setup boundary i’m looking at. I think your question is if or when to move it to 0/ +1 to protect the position; after that point its a case of how far to trail behind the price.

Depends on the market type, timescale, technical indicators, liquidity & macro conditions …if i was trading forex or futures i move it immediately as the markets 24hrs & volatile to information beyond my feeds. Shares tend to have the gap-up/ downs which blow your stop or if the marketmaker wants to shake the tree (many times you’ll see the MM force the price down before an announcement then spring it back up)

with lloyds it was oversold in december so a lot of pressure to resume +62p trading but the macro conditions havent changed so the MM’s are pricing back in the UK exposure of Llyods. how quickly it moves down or to where is the bears vs bulls argument & the bulls are strong given the many who’ve returned from Christmas recognizing the shares rightful value; so answering the question; the share has a lot of support by the bulls but will experience gap downs by the market & with that in mind it’s a bit too tight to trail the stop with only 4p of space - but please note i do follow the price action like an anxious dad so if the volatility increases, the moving average is broken by the price & held or my expected timescales aren’t happening; exit.

sorry for the long answer, hope that helps


Watch this one recover quickly if a hard Brexit is taken off the table. We are seeing that many businesses are switching away from simply warning about the risks of a hard Brexit to taking practical steps to offshore certain parts to avoid Brexit risk altogether. Hopefully even the dimmest of Brexiters will be able to see the damage being done to British companies and to our national prosperity before it is too late?

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60p not this week then



Just a small point. There are no market makers setting the price on SETS stocks. SETS is an open order book for institutions or individuals to represent themselves. More like a ledger, really. While Market Makers can participate like anyone else, they are not there to provide liquidity or set the price as they do with SEAQ stocks. Some people make the mistake of thinking when an institution executes a large order using an algo, there is some sort of MM involved. There isn’t.


This Levethan moving slowly back to 60p :slight_smile:


It will get there…Just a matter of when :wink:


Hi broadmoor1

Hope you are OK

I not too concerned if I am honest, I have promised the Mrs I pick up my wages ( Dividend) whatever the share price is, she wants me to book a nice Holiday

This can crab walk all day long I and chilled with no pressure or worries in 2019 to trade


All good Regardless , ii Have limited my access so don’t get on here much anymore , Not the same place anyway as the old faces have stopped posting.

Take care and hope you see £1 soon enough :wink:


Hi Regardless

It looks like LLOY is getting stuck in the 58p range. Most likely the market is pausing for breath while parliament sorts itself out. If No Deal is taken off the table then LLOY will fly. The Brady amendment will have no impact even if agreed in parliament as the EU is unlikely to agree any shortterm end to the backstop.


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I think the reason Lloyds has stalled at 58p is that it has rallied 17% in a few weeks. If you view the market as a discounting mechanism, I think the no deal option is already baked into the price. Buy the rumour sell the fact.


Hi Mac,

I spoke too soon. Down 2% this afternoon. LLOY has been very sensitive to fluctuations in the Brexit news… Today’s news flurry around supermarket supplies might be taking a toll.

I am betting that No Deal will be off the table at some point and then the fundamental strengths of the stock should push it higher.

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It’s not that Dow futures are off 350 points?


Possibly an influence but LBG is more domestically focussed…



Yes the DOW dropped at open so did its little baby sister the FTSE 100 like a lost child

Getting too long in the tooth these days to even bother TBH


Antonio just pay me my 3p Dividend in 2019 and I be happy


Covered short 56.94. Stop to b/e


Remainder of short covered at 56.85.

The US futures are positive. Been too long for my liking


58.02 short.

Risky play.



58.10 short