LLOYDS is going to FLY



57.90 limit closed



57.99 binned



Maybe 60p next week then :joy:


I have been instructed not to trade my Lloyds babies in 2019

I going to see 80p plus within 12 months


Good bye PPI I been told

Lloyds Banking Group will be quid’s in

20k Dividend will keep me happy :slight_smile:


Looks like LLOY is in a holding pattern at + or - 58p. I guess its waiting to see which way Brexit is going to pan out.




Instructed by whom?


I’m not expecting any sustained upward movement this year, brexit shenanigans and low interest rates, not expecting much increase in the dividend, maybe more allocated to buyback’s but it’s not really made any dent in reducing the number of shares - give me the cash.

Some banks are already hinting that revenues aren’t a great as they’d like. PPI will have a run-off, markets will probable hold off till the Feb 2020 results update in rejoicing at the ending of PPI.

Finally their 3 year digital transformation programme could be an expensive disaster, these can be notorious for the management losing focus on what they’re trying to achieve and tend to mess up trying to reinvent the wheel, early reports on the technology providers they’re using look encouraging and it’s good they’re starting with IF accounts, boy their website looks like it’s not been updated for 20 years.


Good news for RBS I suppose it will held banks generally.


9 Days to Lloyds 2018 results on 20th Feb. Lloyds is going to fly:)


IF has been a closed book for close to 20 years. They’ve been running it into the ground ever since as it’s not on their core banking system and the products are too complex to migrate. Some people managed to get amazing offset mortgage accounts back in the day.

This partnership with the startup they’ve bought into seems very promising and like you say, makes great sense starting with IF/StJames Place Bank.


We down over 30% year to date

Market expecting poor figures

Fingers crossed us Lloyds investors are proved right that we doing OK hey and the sell off here was over done :slight_smile:


Hi Lakek

Very logical and realistic view IMO.

I cannot see what would be the catalyst for this to fly.

The market already knows PPI will be coming to an end, already priced in IMO.

Bad debt provisions were revised upwards in the latest update.
If the UK economy suffers further maybe those provisions go higher.

Banking sector has been out of favour generally I cannot see that changing anytime soon.




Over 10 years now. Will it ever change now? Probably, as these things do go in cycles, but Banks have performed abjectly since 2007.

There is always an excuse.

“things will improve once the banking crisis ends…” then,

“things will improve once PPI goes…” then,

“things will improve once HMO starts selling their stake…” then

“Oh, things will really improve once HMO fully sells their stake…” then

“things will improve once Brexit completes/cancels…” then

You get the gist. Same could be said for RBS and Barclays (add in fines, then new fines, then fines in the US, then LIBOR related fines).


Ruffly translated Old_Eyes as Banks just can’t make money the same way as they did anymore.
No risk = No reward


Yeah, basically.

The next big thing to weigh, will be investment into technology to keep apace. Vast estates of freehold property or rents that can no longer be justified etc…

Who on here predicted 85p? :thinking:


PPI is the elephant in the room with Lloyds everything else on the list was/is a side show

Once PPI rewards get stopped aka expire in a few months the commission accounts will be bulging


No more than HMG being a major shareholder in the bank, IMHO.

I hope you’re right. But you know what will happen, PPI will end and then another road block will pop up.


all the more opportunity to cut costs via reducing staffing and property costs.

when people start to realise this company is going to make £8bn profit per year they will realise a £40bn market cap is way under valued.

name me another company that makes £8bn a year and has such a low valuation.

I understand the US banks are much more highly valued so nothing stopping one of those from trying to buy Lloyds.


Who is we ?

I am not down 30 % on LLOY this year, am up as it happens.

By longing the dips and shorting the spikes.

GL with the buy and hold/hope/pray/ramp mantra.




I guess that the on-line digital transformation really means spending lots of money for little result. I use on-line banking, over the past couple of years they keep updating it every few months. By the time you figure out all the new features that do nothing they then make another change. Instead of a few clicks to do something you now go through pages of garbage to do the same thing.