LLOYDS is going to FLY



The chosen one? You need Eddie Howe!



Well you really need to be a Southend United FC Fan

To really understand disappointment, honest !!


5 years of disappointment here with Lloyds Bank shareholders

Maybe our very own Antonio needs to be sacked

Where’s our knight in sinning armour when you need him :wink:


That does go some way in explaining the blind faith and infinite commitment to Lloyds!

Good luck!




The promise of Quarterly Dividends, that will give me a reasonable annual income, keeps me holding a massive Lloyds position today and for the time been

60p or 70p is not really an option to sell for me personally … I’ll only lose it elsewhere ( my savings ) not a great trader like some

So best to keep hold of what’s paying the Bills today I reckon … and lets not try get too clever or an expert trader like my good mate Soul Man is


HSBA… even more boring but less risk IMO


If you hire Sol Campbell what can you expect?

My grandson has been turned down by Sothend a few times even though he has previously played in Chelsea and West Ham development squads. Luton Town now want him to join their academy. Might be a good thing except from the travelling frm Essex to Bedfordshire.

I hope you can fulfil your dreams with LLOY a decent rise would please many small investors.

Kind regards



I understand Mauricio Pochettino is available could he do for LLOY what he did for THFC I wonder.

Keep smiling



What and win nothing ?

Only joking :slight_smile:



Give him the LLOY job and you needn’t get excited over quarterly dividends he might manage to achieve weekly or monthly dividends if such a thing were possible, now that would be exciting.

Kind regards



Can I ask why quarterly dividends are seen as positive?


Which one?

USA/China? S. Korea/Japan? UK/EU? WTO/UK? Australia (et al)/UK?

They are just the ones I can think of off the top of my head. Not all ‘wars’, but certainly potential for hostilities down the road.


Do you ever consider selling just one tranche of your holding at (in this example) @66p and buying back just one tranche @48p?

I’m constantly amazed that so few people do this. My long term positions are pretty much always in flux with the overall intention of taking my holding average down and thereby forcing the yield up. Even if that means just a couple of buys and sells per year.

… and the thing is, the more you do it the more you tend to get a feel for the company you’re dealing with and can have some confidence in ‘trading around a position’. You might not want to sell a tranche @66p in case it goes up to @76p but you’ll still be faced with the same dilemma sooner or later.

If you know the tranche you’re selling has already paid you divis while holding and the profit on it is equivalent of approx the next 3 or 4 year divis, it becomes much easier to sell, locking in the profit isn’t the ‘balls of steel’ act you refer to.

Most companies (markets) will give you multiple chances per year to buy back in much more cheaply. Even in a raging bull market we often have sharp pullbacks for a few days or weeks - like last December for example … or mid August or beginning of October

Just something to ponder.


Yes. Initially. Until it becomes clear that he is steering for a No Deal Brexit at the end of 2020 (which if he isn’t, the brexit party and hard right Tories will disrupt his government again and again as previously)

Remember, once Brexit starts, all the uncertainty is back on the table in spades when it comes to trade agreements, tariffs and the survival, or not, of certain sectors, all of which will impact the GBP. It is a different kind of uncertainty, but the fx markets may see it as even more significant.


If you are re-investing, then the compounding effect makes them worth a little more.


Hi regardless.

To borrow a phrase as answer

" Live long and prosper "




I get what you are saying. I’ve only been back in the market for the last 3-4 years. I started with LLOY then bought SBRY and VOD. Over this period I have sold and bought back the three a couple of times at a profit. Sold SBRY on the back of ASDA and recently sold VOD at 163 and looking to buy back sub 150. The issue with selling tranches is that I am not dealing in tens of thousands of pounds. If I sold part of my holding then the SP would have to drop significantly so see any significant profits after dealing costs.

THe bigger issue is that I’m lazy and greedy and fearful of missing out on the big jump in the SP.


I am Living the dream Soul Man :slight_smile:

One thing I have learnt with shares, patience is the name of the game

A week in politics is a long time , but a week in shares is longer

Shares go down shares go up

If I see 80p here I will be tempted to walk here for good, but while I patiently wait for the bounce here , I will happily pick up the dividends over the next few years

While sadly boring the crap out of everyone one on these Lloyds chat rooms

Life’s too short to take anything personally these days now I am a man of leisure :slight_smile:


Its a regular income for us who are retired …


Yeah, I understand. I have a small, mid 5 figure SIPP so it is important to keep an eye on costs and duty if trading around a position. Same with dividend re-investment also.

I struck on a minimum tranche size of £2k when iii used to charge £10 a trade. That meant a buy with 0.5% stamp duty cost 1% or £20 in costs and 0.5% or £10 on selling a tranche of that size. So I always took that into account. Any smaller tranche would mean the percentage cost was larger and the deal harder to justify therefore.

That still meant I could have several diversified holdings of up to 3 or 4 tranches within an account, although it was tight and sometimes I’d struggle to free up cash when i thought there was a good buying opportunity so I was always looking to make a minimum of 5% or I wouldn’t bother.

Since then the size of my SIPP has moved on a little and costs of dealing have come down, so there is a little more scope. Also with most of my holdings there is no stamp duty (even some FTSE 100 companies have no stamp duty).

Well, aren’t we all? But I hate missing a buying opportunity just as much. A weak trading statement or something sees one of your holdings knocked down by 5% or 7% on the day or over a week just because the whole market is having a pullback and you just know your company’s fundamentals haven;t changed and its going to come back to something far more sensible.

But you sit and do nothing and sure enough, its back to where it was within a week or two - perhaps the equivalent of a whole year’s divi payment could have been made in that time on any given tranche. I got tired of watching that happen,

You must have seen it yourself a load of times. As I say the more you practice such an approach, especially in just a few holdings you know well, the more obvious the opportunities become nd the more likely you are to act on them. You shouldn’t do it if you don’t feel comfortable with it, of course.

I mean, if you still have faith in the company for the longer term, and you wouldn’t be in it if you didn’t with other tranches you own, then it just makes sense. People say, ‘oh, you end up paying way too much in dealing charges’ but if you are taking those into account and still making a return of 5% on the deal I fail to see the logic in that. The total charges are more over a year, say, but so are the gains. I tend to look on it as a dividend re-investment without the heavier percentage charges.