LLOYDS is going to FLY



This thread has never discussed LLOY specifics in terms of business sector, challenges, financials, fundamentals, TA.

Just started by someone who thought the LLOY sp was going to fly.

More than a year later it has not.

Nothing to stop anyone starting another more sensibly titled LLOY thread.

It would still not attract any substance.



Today I made an infrequent, but not rare, visit to the markets. I figured the price would rise today and if it got to 60.5 I would sell, expecting it to fall back below 60 maybe tomorrow or the day after, whereupon I would buy back. It got to 60.5 but I didn’t sell, I decided to hold on and after a spurt around 12 ish I sold at 61.1002, glad I held on… What usually happens now is that the sp will taunt me for 5-10 days, rather like a cat taunts a mouse, until I get thoroughly dismayed and feel that I’d just be happy to get back in without losing any money… there’s usually a sell off after a strong rise so fingers crossed…



shame because that’s the thread I’d be most interested in. When I asked last time, this was the thread that was recommended. I’ll go back to the drawing board.



I would happily start another thread on LLOY.

Based on fact and the other factors I have mentioned.

It would not be welcome though.

Dreams and hopium overcome reality when it comes to LLOY




I would welcome it…


Soi is right. If this thread doesn’t meet your needs then start one that does. The trouble is that very narrowly focussed threads tend to attract little interest and die pretty quick.

All the best,

Frog in a tree


There are in excess of 50 analysts covering LLOY.

The results run to 100s of pages.

Plenty of reading out there.

Not one has so far uncovered a very strange transaction.

I posted it but was totally ignored other than being shot down by 1 holder.



Hi All, Well I’m sorry but I know that I am a major culprit in just ignoring the supposed LLOY flavour of this topic. For me the trouble is that most of the other boards on ii are pretty well dead but I come here (to ii I mean) for a bit of adhoc discussion on anything that I feel like with other people that I know that also post here. I am sorry if people dont like that, I can leave again if that is the case and I am being too disruptive to your LLOY discussions. Not having any LLOY myself makes it of limited interest to me…




For most of us, Pref, your contributions are welcome. These conversations die if they are too highly focussed. A lot of us enjoy general conversation and simply ignore what doesn’t interest. A sensible approach. Within the threads often several themes run alongside each other.

Best wishes,

Frog in a tree


Why don’t you just post what you want to say about LLOY here @In_the_dark_yet_again ?
It’s not as if this particular thread usually has that many posts each day.


Hi All, I see that companies are starting to take action to defend shareholders from Labours threats to nationalise them. Specifically NG and SSE have set up overseas subsidiaries in jurisdictions with laws that would make nationalisation more difficult.

Anglian Water and Yorkshire Water have done this already apparently and Seven Trent are considering doing so. see article below.

My guess is, if the worst came to pass and Labour did get into power I reckon you would likely see a lot more of this. For example I reckon that the likes of Shell and BP might completely de-list here to avoid the Corbyn windfall tax. Guessing this wouldn’t be cheap or easy - but better than paying Labours £11Bn windfall tax is my bet.

Not that anyone is expecting Labour in and get to enact their extreme anti business agenda - but it’s not surprising to see some of the obvious targets taking defensive action.




Pref - I should be sad to lose your comments and those of many others who post on this board. Perhaps this indicates the need for a more general category, where multiple holdings, portfolio management, political influence and general advice can be shared. I suspect that few of us have the time or inclination to search through the many specific boards to ensure we find the gems offered by our favourite or undiscovered posters. perhaps I’m thinking wistfully of the old discussion board …


Me too. My response to your question about AFC above I actually cut short as it was off topic … I posted the same post with more flesh on the bones here, in case you are interested …

Maybe we should find somewhere else for more general discussions … but they do tend to get lost and die off very quickly as others have said.

The fact that a rather simplistic post based on hope rather than facts is NOT sticking strictly to topic is the only thing keeping this one alive I thought.

How boring would it be if a dozen posters a day contributed with ‘It’s still not flying yet’ over the last 14 months? Just to keep it on topic, here is the LLOY performance over the time of this thread…


Hi @Eadwig, Yes I did actually go to the AFC Energy board and read it. I was surprised to find so many posts there, but mainly from you as I recall. Over on the Lemon Fool (TLF) they are EXTREMELY fussy about what can be posted where and the need to avoid going off topic. And moderators frequently come a long and move posts, edit out bits they think are off topic or sometimes just totally delete them !. TBH I really don’t like that as I feel that it stifles discussion. Some of the discussions that I have enjoyed the most/found most useful to me personally have come out of the blue while discussing something completely different. I come here to get away from that regimented approach. But you are right, we could set up a general discussion topic somewhere I guess where we could have our discussions, that’d work as long as all of the right people followed that topic.

Another good AIM stock day today for you I see with one of your holdings up ~8%, a couple were down a bit though. FTSE up almost 1%, not my portfolio though. Think I managed about 0.25% today, low equity exposure the root cause. Too many defensive holdings, but I like it that way !.




For me, I’d much rather read all the usual posters wonderful investment strategies and fantastic banter than watch a blank page waiting for Lloyd’s specific events to happen.

So much of the political is already known and how it will affect Lloyd’s that I think it doesn’t get said anymore.

The Lloyd’s is going to fly is a general banter zone imo first started by our very jovial regardless.

There is nothing stopping anybody starting a new topic, a new title with Lloyds specific element.



A couple of comments

Pref I like your posts, they are interesting and well thought out.

Eadwig same applies, your depth of knowledge on some subjects is impressive.
I quite like the general chit chat from various members.

The fundamentals of LLOY do not change on a daily basis so if this thread was simply about LLOY it would be considerably smaller than it is.
A handful of posts around Quarter results then very little in between.

Anyway a good rise for LLOY sp, finally getting past 60p with a fair bit of conviction.

Markets generally are strong.




Most of the analytical posters who really knew their technical stuff - and a lot that didn’t - have migrated from ii after the changes. AFC is a very popular AIM share for private investors possibly because of its potential but also it has had famous names associated with it over the years as investors and non-exec directors.

There are still a lot around, I think, because I post something and then 3 days later see there has been 60 views or something, but few of them bother to log in and contribute.

I agree about too regimented an approach. With any stock the macro economy, the sector make-up and competitors not necessarily in the same sector are all valid discussion points.

I think may have the most active current discussion on AFC (London south east … erm … building society(?)). A lot of entrenched views though, as you tend to get with AIm companies.

Yes. Strange problem arising is that my overall portfolio is so well up compared to a month ago my cash position has sunk to less than 32% of the overall value which is lower than I wanted to go.

On the other hand, if I had remained with that cash invested the overall value would likely be much higher now. Still, I might be applauding my overall cash position by this time next month … snapshots of a portfolio value are never anything but just that.

All the best…


Labour getting a majority is obviously unlikely given almost the entire Media is against them but nonetheless it isn’t the worst outcome at all. That is just your personal view.
My view is that I want a 2nd referendum to try and stop the UK leaving the EU and all the disadvantages and financial hardship that brings not only to individuals but to most companies.
Only a Labour led Government is going to offer that. The alternative is a Tory Government that WILL carry out Brexit and that will very likely leave without a Deal and onto WTO terms when the real talks collapse.

Interesting what you said about the “windfall tax” too. Are you aware that the UK isn’t the only country to have considered this and the Labour Party is just the most recent example.
Just a few years back when oil prices were sky high an All-Party Parliamentary group recommended that we had just such a windfall tax on the profits of oil companies… it was never taken up though.
Equally, Obama wanted to introduce that in the US and several EU states have already talked in detail about exactly such a tax.

Re: “anti business agenda” … there is NO greater anti business policy than proposing to Leave the EU… and especially Leaving the EU without a good deal.

As for National Grid, the Energy and Water companies and them potentially being nationalised… Great. Can’t happen soon enough.
There is no effective competition in their UK operations.
There is no reason for them being in the hands of private individuals rather than being nationalised.
Anyone still invested in them is obviously gambling that they aren’t nationalised (a good bet) or they are simply ignorant but either way if they did become nationalised they only have themselves to blame.


Another “Short” mini squeeze. Holding above 60.00
Going to be an interesting year end.


Stanley says it could easily go to 65…66
Are they on track ?
Wait until we hear from trade