LLOYDS is going to FLY



59.89, nearly there Regardless!


Bingo 60p

Next stop 70p



Maybe you will make 61p today Regardless?



UBS targets LBG for 80p, a favourable Brexit permitting. The general concensus is for a “strong buy”.

Meanwhile, we are collecting 5%+ in divis. All good. Losing no sleep.

Frog in a tree



I must admit, did think 61 would fail.

Now looks like 60 will fail.




Nice :slight_smile:

80p hey

I could buy the Mrs a Deluxe Caravan at Great Yarmouth


Hi regardless.

The only British holiday I have ever had was in Gt. Yarmouth.
Many years ago, perhaps it was Haven Sands ??

Enjoyed it.
Met up with friends that holidayed there regularly…

It was an OK place.




Blackpool of the South they say :slight_smile:

I go to Hopton

Honestly I’ll never buy a Caravan too costly site fees etc

Happy to rent a week or two


No more ramping until our 1.7 Billion Buy back starts :slight_smile:


Calm down
Calm down

Easy Tiger


Hi All,

Well LLOY is benefiting from softer brexit news out of Parliament yesterday. However that same news has strengthened the £ a lot and that has damaged a lot of FTSE stocks and many overseas investments due to the currency impact. eg HSBA and GSK both down, ITs like HFEL and AAIF too, overseas ETFs like IAPD and SEDY also.

How far will the £ go is the question ?. Some commentators have suggested 1.40+. Thats a bit scary !.




I think sterling movements shouldnt be considered confirmed or stable - in either direction.
To me, it would be far too risky to go medium-long term on Sterling sensitive investments.

However once again LLOY has been a very good buy from 48-56 - for many reasons and Sterling alone cannot impact LLOY


The effects of currency fluctuation are a good reason for maintaining a diversified portfolio of international stocks as well as exporting companies and domestically focussed companies.

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I got lucky on holding HSBC after the June 2016 vote

She went from lows 400p to 640p ( when I sold within 6 months )

Also with help of a share buy back programme

Now hoping to get lucky here again

Holding 90% invested in domestically focussed companies

Does lighting strike twice ? NOW Lloyds Bank ALSO starting a Buy Back programme

Can I see Sterling gaining and see 50% gains in 2019 here with Lloyds Banking Group ???



Hi @regardless,

Errrr didn’t you just post this a few days ago…

How soon we forget !.

Lloyds up at 62.41 right now :smile: but Royal Mail down at 275.9 :frowning_face:




Yeah keeping my royal mail shares for the dividend… would be better if she was 375p I agree Pref :slight_smile:

But cannot win them all at once


Nothing much achieving a plus score today. Only 14 FTSE 100 shares in the green.
None of the other UK indices are doing any better FTSE 250, 350, All Share & AIM all down.
VOD plumbing new depths at 133.x. MKS deal with Ocado looking good for Ocado up >4% :smile: whereas MKS are down 9%+ :frowning_face:
£ up another 0.4%+

Never mind at least the sun is shining and the solar panels are doing their thing !!!




LLOY at 63p. On its way as hard brexit risk recedes.


Frog in a tree


LLOY continues to keep ahead of the FTSE, ignoring downward pressures.


Frog in a tree


1.40 against what? USD? EUR?