LLOYDS is going to FLY



That was the first I heard of it, so had very much overlooked it. Provocative on Thanksgiving day in the U.S. No coincidence obviously, but probably will get less coverage anyway because of that.

Looks like GBP is starting to move upward but is yet to get outside the range it has been stuck in for several weeks. A rising GBP will help LLOY but depress the FTSe 100 and vice-versa, or so we have seen in recent times.


If there is a TORY majority there won’t be a No Deal as all TORY candidates have been made to support Boris deal.

So assuming a Tory majority the existing deal Boris has negotiated will go through & we will leave the EU.


Correct. The UK will leave the EU. And then?

Then… you have another year of negotiations either followed by a crash into WTO terms… and that will cause a big slide… or extra time (months/years) for negotiations on the trade/services/etc deal… usually they take years… and all the uncertainty and volatility that will bring.
And after all that… if you are lucky… we then have terms worse than we have today with EU… but probably a great trade deal with Outer Mongolia.


With No Deal because we haven’t begun to negotiate trade yet. Not one single word has been exchanged about a trade deal. You really must understand that and that a year of the 2 year transition period allowed for that has already passed and Johnson has vowed that he wont extend it.

2 years was never long enough, 1 year is hardly worth the bother.


Well, sorry to disappoint you, but ‘Outer Mongolia’ (I’m assuming you mean the country of Mongolia and not the region of China named thus) is extremely rich in natural resources and needs from the UK … well, just about nothing.

I doubt very much we’ll get a great trade deal with Mongolia when all its major customers are right next door to it already. As we know, countries trade mostly with their closest neighbours for obvious reasons … the UK is actively alienating its trading neighbours prior to attempting to do a trade deal with them.


Forget that, it has fallen back again and firmly still stuck in the same tight range it has been. It hasn’t broken 1:1.30 for 6 months and hasn’t been below 1:1.277 in the last 30 days.

Johnson seen to be afraid of debate stopped what looked like a little run of strength.


It seems a few think that if the UK leaves the EU all of a sudden we will become a great trading nation again. Rule Britannia and all that nonsense. Double LOL at that.

Already the country is damaged.

The damage will increase on leaving the EU.

Some perhaps need to learn basic economics.



Indeed soi.

My only reason for mentioning it on this thread is that there were frequently posters who seemed to believe that the UK market and LLOY in particular are going to benefit from what they deem as “stability” following a Tory majority Government in power at the next election.
There will be none.

The only thing that might… and that’s a might… bring some form of stability is a hung Parliament leading to #BrexitRef2 and a decent majority for remaining in the EU.
Anything else brings blips and volatility for many years to come… followed by uncertainty.


A great trade deal on Yurts beckons. Wouldn’t mind one of those.


So that’s two people I know that want one … interesting, maybe there is a market…


I was trying to think of something that the UK produces, manufactures, sells or some service provision that they might be interested in… Cornish Pasties? But they are going out of business even here… nonetheless, I can imagine Mongolia will be a useful place for UK citizens to try and find work in the future so any relaxing in their visa requirements will be of benefit.


Only for some, matey, and unfortunately not for you (I suspect). Last time I was in Ulaanbattar (which seems to be the current accepted Anglicised version of the Capital city’s name) I took over a hotel room from two vegetarians who had been removed to hospital after trying to survive for 3 weeks in a country where diet was still very much based on that of the original nomad.

Even in the hotel vegetables were an afterthought at dinner if you were lucky. We did try for something different for our midday meal one day by visiting a recommended restaurant but it was closed for lunch.

I kid you not.

Things may have changed, I’m appalled to realise that was a quarter of a century ago now!


It is flying down again, got vertigo.

  • 1.6 % down today.

Entirely predictable.



The Misadventures of Romesh Ranganathan, recently on BBC2, was a good watch. Joanna Lumley went to Mongolia as well, which I enjoyed.

How come you ended up there? I love tourist stories of far flung places that people rarely go to.


I used to ‘chase’ solar eclipses. Mongolia was a bit of a failure, but one van-load of us did manage to drive fast towards Siberia and see it through hazy cloud. One guy with us had never seen one before and was completely blown away by the experience. Us more experienced ‘chasers’ were a little disappointed … but you give yourself the best chance you can for each one and we just got unlucky with the weather.

I’ve seen 3 fantastic ones. 15,000 feet up a twin peak volcano in Chile, one from ruins of an ancient city in the plains of northern India and one in Iran from a cemetery (we’d been moved on from the Zoroastrian site we wanted to view it from by local religious police). That Iranian visa was a plague on my house when entering USA until I changed passport … then hey presto, I was no longer a potential terrorist sympathiser. How stupid these things are.

“Why go all the way to Iran to see it?” I was always asked. “The alternatives were Iraq or Afghanistan” was my response, which always shut them up.


Flying again

Down -2.3 %



I just dont see where the juice will come for any bank
If they get back to 2018 level that be good

Early 50s with divi is good deal
sell on divi date


Yes, profit taking is inevitable. The problem is at what point does it happen or does it keep going up. Greed sets in to a certain extent as you fear losing potential more profit.



One has to have a view, carefully calculated on what LLOY is actually worth.
Few investors seem to have a logical/economic view on that.

Then work around the pa.



Good effort @soi, feeling more relaxed now…,:blush: Then work around the pa_emphasized text_?