LLOYDS is going to FLY



don’t worry - it happens a lot - especially on apple devices. They obviously don’t have the name of a Saxon king in their predictive lexicon.


I’m being a little pedantic here as I dont follow ETF’s but when was the article written as it seems doubling last year (2018) could be nothing special if the article is recent, considering we are in December and only just surpassing 2017.
In fact if inflation were taken into account, would we have passed 2017.


It was current this weekend, but looks like the figures are to the end of October if you take into account this, which appears to be the main point being made…

Investors have ploughed $191bn into fixed income ETFs in the first 10 months, compared with less than $158bn in new cash gathered by equity ETFs, according to ETFGI, a London-based consultancy


Hi All, So what exactly was going on in the markets today ?. Why exactly was the FTSE down another 0.8% and the CAC and DAX closer to 2% ?. I know that Trump took aim at Brazil and Argentina with tariffs on steel and aluminium for being currency manipulators (but in reality they are just unable to maintain parity with the USD). And there are rumours of US retaliation to the French Digital Transaction Tax which will hit the likes of Apple, Google and Facebook (a tax which other countries including the UK and Canada are likely to copy I read somewhere). But I could find nothing anywhere that said that anything had actually happened on this. Of course we’ve also got the NATO meeting going on, which given Trumps views on that aren’t likely to result in any kind of coherent outcome I suspect. And of course domestically here we have the wrangling over who was at fault for Friday’s terrorist incident, but other than that the day seemed pretty quiet to me on the election front. The GBP didn’t do a lot and oil was actually up a lot earlier, but fell back sharply.

But NONE of that explains today’s market falls to my mind. Anyone got a good explanation ?. If so I’d like to hear it.




Hi Again, Just seen something HAS happened on the Digital Transaction Tax issue, see link below:-

All a bit odd really given that he hasn’t got much time for Amazon and Mr Bezos (Trump is a mom and pop corner shop guy at heart I believe)…but hey “Anything American First” I guess !.




Plus Trump has put the cat among the pigeons again regarding China/USa trade talks…

Also, unexpected bad data out of US economy

U.S. stocks fell on concern over global trade risks and disappointing factory data. Bonds declined.

The S&P 500 Index headed toward its biggest drop in almost two months on a report that President Donald Trump will increase tariffs on China if Washington and Beijing can’t reach an agreement. Equities also retreated after Trump said he’s reinstating tariffs on steel and aluminum from Argentina and Brazil.

The latest reports on trade overshadowed hope that the world’s two largest economies were close to signing the first part of a trade deal. Meantime, an unexpected decline in U.S. manufacturing showed the sector lacks momentum in an environment of corporate investment cutbacks, subdued global demand and a still-simmering trade war.


Thanks Pref and Eadwig. I thought the sp would see 59.x this week. In view of all this news it could be 58.x or lower if the Tory lead slips again…


Definitely. The narrower a Tory lead the more likely a hung parliament … although that doesn’t necessarily mean a parliament that will vote against going ahead with Brexit. If it did (want to go ahead with Brexit), and they forced an extension to the transition deal the GB pound would immediately become stronger than under a majority Johnson No Deal government.

Very hard to play the situation. There has just been an expert from Aviva on the radio saying that the fx rate hasn’t yet fully priced in a Johnson majority, so that agrees with my prediction of a rise in GBP on a Johnson majority.

I also predict that wont last - but I haven’t heard or read any pros that are looking beyond the election result outcomes as yet. I remember when the stock markets used to reflect around 12-18 months ahead, supposedly. Nowadays its more like next week (even when there isn’t a general election looming).


This posted with the sp @ 62.69.
Current sp about 60.0…
It had been overbought.

from here hard to call.




Could depend on what the Dow does today, it doesn’t look v happy, could drop further?


I know a few of you guys invest in house builders, not sure if this is of use or interest to you but just wanted to share if it is helpful.
It does say there is a much slower decline in house building.


Indeed the house building sector remains resilient. The recent BDEV report reflected this. House building is supported by the shortage of houses which will persist Brexit or no Brexit. The outlook for commercial property is more uncertain given the predictions of Brexit damage to the economy and the lack of visibility of a Brexit trading bonus.

I shall continue to hold my housebuilders.

Frog in a tree


There was actually a rise in PMI construction figures, though still below the 50 mark by a long way.

Perhaps more worrying was a massive hit on retail sales in November -4.9% YoY, more than 10 times the expected fall.

GBP doesn’t seem to be suffering though, in fact close to 3 month highs against USD breaking the tight range it has been in for weeks, and does appear to be GBP strength against major currencies.


The sp looks like it’s tracking last night’s close. Probably waiting for direction from over the pond…


From investors business daily a few minutes ago - Dow Jones Futures Fall As Trump Says He Might Favor China Trade Deal After 2020 Election…


Hello from Mexico Cancun time 7.24am

Hope everyone is having a lovely day in Blighty

Sun rising and loving it

Thanks Antonio and Lloyd’s staff for all your hard work in 2019

More of the same please with a little % rise in DIVIDEND will do in 2020 please

It’s not all about money folks

Enjoy it while you still can I say

Everyone is a winner :slight_smile:


Careful @regardless, those drug mule holidays can be dangerous and a pain in the arse… and Mexican prisons aren’t the most hospitable.


Hi regardless

Guessed you would be in Cancun.
It was either that or Mexico City.

Hope all going well.

I am not in Blighty.

Quite happy for you to be taking a break.
A little surprised as thought you usually took your holiday breaks in the UK.

Where is my " wishing you were here postcard " ?

Enjoy your time.

LLOY is down.



I’m not in Blighty either. We had our first snow last night, but very light flurries and all gone now.

This will be my 7th Christmas here, all have been white so far, but the winters I was warned of here in Poland have never materialised, more like the winters I remember in the UK as a lad.

A sign of the times.

Have a great holiday. Hope you forgot to send your postal vote before you left!


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