LLOYDS is going to FLY






Hi All,

Just took a look at a new “FTSE Analytics” feature on the LSE web site (well its new to me anyway). You select the “Technical Analysis” tab and then “FTSE Analytics” in the menu items top right. It has some interesting comparisons with other banks plus some other interesting charts and metrics. Take a look sometime if your interested.




A 26.5% sp increase since the beginning of the year is very satisfactory. How much more to come?


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But it doesn’t compensate for the 31.3% fall, last year, from 72.6p to 49.5p.


Hi Mac,

According to the graph available here, the last time it was at 72p was on referendum day. Still, I don’t want to split hairs. We are where we are and the rise since the beginning of January is most welcome and contributes to my overall portfolio balance which is the highest for quite a few months.


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I believe Mac is correct here, according to information available elsewhere. Suggest you check 23/24 Jan '18.


As I said zan, I don’t want to split hairs. The chart I was working from is the one you can see on these ii pages and the last time it shows LLOY breaching 70p was in May 2017 when it got to 70.59p. It may be that the ii chart is wrong or perhaps that there is a difference between end of day and intraday levels.



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Not splitting hairs, just pointing out that LLOY SP exceeded 72p in 2018 as MAC stated. BTW, the chart on ii also shows the same data.

Agree with you that the present rising trend is most welcome, giving some relief to long term holders from a higher buying range, although, as Mac has pointed out, we have some way to go to recover ground lost since more than a year ago.


Hello again Zan. This is the ii chart I used. Press the “2Y” tab to expand to the last two years and you will see it doesn’t rise above 70p. Maybe something wrong with this chart?




ii charts are useless.

macbonzo is correct.

LLOY did indeed surpass 72 in 2018.

Just checked on 3 charts.




Thanks for that Soi




Hi Frog,
The chart you are looking at doesn’t cover the full 2018 range, only the last year (Mar-Mar). If you use the slider below the chart to expand the range you will see the January peak.


Hi Zan,

Thanks for your reply. Using the slider i did get the chart to show a tweak above 72p. Curiously, when I viewed using the 2Y tab it never showed above 70p. Ii’s charting is a bit ropy.




Hi Frog,
Probably when using a longer timescale than 1YR the chart shows a different scale, probably 1 week rather than 1 day. It is therefore less sensitive than the 1YR chart and shows a smoother graph, thereby missing out the peaks.



I think when it comes to charts, worth having a few different options. I do.

A fairly good one which I do think could be useful to investors is bigcharts/market watch.
Connected to the WSJ ( Wall Street Journal)

Not live prices.
Many options to adjust time frames, chart size background colours etc.
You can store up to 20 different charts there, for quick access.

Free to use.

Not fault free, I do not think any are.

It would take some getting used to but once you have it set up the way you want, fairly good.

Think you have to register but as said free.

Link ( happens to be to UKX/FTSE 100 but you can input whatever share you want to.)

I have various others, happy to share.




In case of any doubt, one can always download the data from the LLOY website (in spreadsheet format) and search for the maximum levels.

Doing this yields the highest daily close of 72.12 on January 23rd 2018, and the highest intraday level of 72.68 on the same day.


LLOY sp got vertigo again after hitting 64 and 63.

Usual form.
I have added a bit long as it happens, maybe wrong. ST view




Even recovery stocks like the Black Horse don’t go back up in a straight line line :slight_smile:


I think I said last year, I had 63.8 as resistance. I seems to represent something. I think 2830 area on S&P is also a block. The easy money has been made this year.


Do you know that for a fact ? If so why Buy and RAMP whilst sitting on your hands then ? There has been enough help and advice offered on here over the years , you choose to stand still for the last 10 years hiding behind divis which have been pitiful