LLOYDS is going to FLY



I recommend no one takes advice from these Bill Board :wink:

Saying that anyone like me still posting after 10 year’s must be doing something right


LLOY down 2.25%…ouch! At least Regardless will be happy.


Frog in a tree



I call it ''catch-22 ‘’

I want the buy back to be successful and on the other hand want to see 80p plus


So yes the lloy Buy Back Programme is having a good day today :slight_smile:


The drop is hardly LLOY specific. LLOY is down 1.8% compared to BARC (-2.29%), STAN (-2.2%), Santander (-4.67%) as I write. RBS is doing slightly better (-1.15%) as is HSBA (-0.13%).

Thr drops seem to be related to the large(ish) drop in the FTSE, which has also affected many of the insurers.

It will be interesting to see how many of the buyback trades were made before the 13:40 reversal started, which will determine the eventual daily average.

Whatever happens and whatever price is paid the buyback will have minimal impact of what the sharholders see.


The sp will head down today.



Hi Soul Man

How’s the trading going ?

So far The Black Horse is little down, but holding her ground IMHO maybe the buyback is having an impact


Hi regardless

Difficult week last week, not that they are ever easy.

Trading LLOY fine, it happens to be my favourite trade.
BARC OK for trading also…

Doing a bit with CNA ( long side )

WTI ( Oil ) was OK.

Gold, did a little.

Indices, DOW & FTSE 100 were tough.

Swings and roundabouts.

GL fella.



Watch this space

2019 is MY Year



LLOY sp failed at 64, then 63.

Now 62 failed although think it will re attain that.

Added a few longs.




64p just another number here :slight_smile:

Just wait for 84p I say

Coming our way soon

2019 is a massive year for Lloyds Banking Group

As always do your own research folk’s


64 is a level at which the LLOY sp has failed many times, as has 63.

84 is just a number of hope, 35 % above current level.

I fail to see what will drive it there.




Its the share that keeps on giving…You can’t fail to make money trading the Lloyds range.


Sterling has perked up by 0.5%, probably on hopes that “no deal” will be voted off the table today. LLOY is a bit more hesitant in its response.


Frog in a tree


I agree over the last 10 years traders have been raking it in here like a by a croupier drawing in money at a gaming table. and we all know the reasons its been a long drawn out this …

If I had a time machine, I go back 10 years read up on PPI as I Had never really heard of this before 2010

But she cannot carry on giving you money forever and true investors must start seeing long rewards right ? i.e. capital gains


True Investors ? You really still think your the only one that knows PPI is drawing to an end ? What would you suggest a forward thinking Investor would be looking for in a Stock ?


Broadmoor1 not everyone’s a Trader


I do believe most People who look for better returns other than holding cash in the Bank maybe look for a nice dividend paying Stock ???


Agreed…If they can invest without RISK !


Another thread to put on the “mute” list…


Solid rises for sterling and LLOY now showing. Clearly the markets think that “no deal” will be off the table by the end of the day.





Capital losses for many.

The end of PPI is priced in already, sp is not going to suddenly jump up when the final PPI payment is made.
Next will be more impairments re. car financing and perhaps mortgages.
The smart money has mostly already priced that in.

Retail investors have not.